AJ's "House"

Figured I'd give y'all an idea what this truck is like from the inside and how AJ is situated.

As you can see, there's really not much room in here, but we do well anyway. Most of our stuff fits somewhere, but there's always that little bit that just won't go anywhere, so it gets moved around all the time. AJ's stuff is always put in the same place. My stuff gets moved around.

Yes, those are real feathers hanging in the window…they came from one of Gramma's parrots last year when it molted. Incredibly, AJ does not try to chew them. He's really a good boy.

While we're moving, he spends the largest bulk of his time on his bed...out of his own choosing. While we sit, the rugs go up on the dash and he's allowed to lay up there.

AJ looks to me like little guy you have it made. The pictures are great the 2nd one is really sweet. Looks like a nice home to me.

Rita Jean

he looks H A P P Y! 🙂

Nice pics! He sure looks happy 😃

He looks like one spoiled Dog to me, with a nice comfy bed and all his soft toys 😃
Love the feathers, what a good idea


I love how cozy it is. AJ sure looks comfy and yes, very happy too. Thanks for sharing..

Those are great! A.J. has a great home.


Nothing better then a "Basenji" on the dashboard!!!!! Mine did that in the RV….. it was their favorite place

Looks like there's lots of room to me (for a basenji :))!
Thanks for sharing.

Great pics of AJ's home! I like that last pic of him on his bed with his little friends.

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