Found: Black and White in Reno, NV


Have you tried Terri?…... Baby P had a litter in February... a bit older then 5 or 6 month... but sort of looks like her breeding

Terri is the one that gave the woman my phone number.

This b has her dew claws, fyi.

I don't have anything helpful but just had to say..What a beautiful pup!!! Sure hope she gets back home or finds one soon. So precious!:)

Surely someone is out looking for her, is anyone local posting "found" signs and looking for "lost dog" signs? Our local newspaper takes Found ads for free. Also check Craig's List for Lost postings.


I already looked at craigslist and Kijiji, no luck..
I sure hope she finds a home, whether it is her old missing home or a new forever home.

She is so pretty I do hope she gets back home. At least good news she not on the streets getting hurt or killed and someone will take her love her thats for sure.

Rita Jean

We live in Reno and can help if need be.

Loki & Freya's Mom

The woman who found this girl has decided to adopt her. They have named her Mia.

This had a very happy ending. Thank you for telling us Ivoss.

Rita Jean

Great to hear a happy ending.Thanks for the update

Yes,thanks for the follow-up. I am glad she has a nice new home. Who could resist a lovely basenji, after all?

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