Found red/white, "Clark the Shark" near Seattle

  • Does anyone know of a missing b?

    The ad reads:_
    I found a very cute friendly male basenji running around aurburn the other day… in fear he he would be hurt I scooped him up... he's very sweet and appears to be deaf... he has a microchip, but no working number for his owner...said his name is clark the shark... oh he's red and white... please email me with pictures so we can verify this is your sweet boy and get him home

  • Yes, she contact the Evergreen basenji club and I am working on this.
    Thank you so very much for all the info for dogs in need.
    seems to be raining b's in the PNW lately sigh.

  • I found the contact info for the owner who rehomed this boy with someone in Seattle.
    So, I give her the info of the person on Craigs list who had the b and hopefully, this b will find a home where he is suspose to be.

  • This might be the same Basenji?

  • Yes, same b…

  • have we been lucky enough to find the his owner…I'm the previous owner of this boy...contacted because of the chip I had inbedded when I had him...I'm very worried about him because he'd deaf

  • Are you Rachel P? If not, did she give this deaf b to you?
    Please contact me at to talk more directly.

  • Rachel is working to contact the person who has this deaf b.
    Please, contact her I sent a post to your craigs list note or contact me.

  • The happy news is that Rachel, the former owner, wants to take back her dog!

    The sad news is that this situation is another example for the Microchipping thread, where new owners fail to register their dogs. If the new owner had taken responsibility for their dog, she could have been reunited.

    At the end of the day, Rachel hopes to get her basenji back home. Thank you, Sharron, for helping her! 🙂

  • Your welcome. As this boy is deaf and Rachel knows how to make him happy, its good
    that he goes back to her.

  • Sharron, maybe it's the time of year that is the reason why there is a flurry of lost basenjis? The dogs are spending more time outside now that the weather is better, and the clever b's are finding ways out of yards and perhaps are not going to their owners when the owner recalls them.

    I know that our forum members are careful, but maybe everyone can do a double check of their yards to ensure there is no place their b could squirm through. Just a thought.

  • Yes, it could be that weather is nice now, or that folks are wanting to travel and sigh some just let the dogs go.
    This boy found his way into a factory..he is a deaf b and imagine if he found his want into a hwy…horror....
    So, angels were watching out for this b...
    Sadly, the b's owners didn't transfer the chip that was in the dog, so, to my thinking, this was just a temp home..BECAUSE you take care of things you treasure, and you make sure if they are lost, they get back to YOU.
    Ok, that is my rant for the day.
    Hugs to you all.

  • I have wonderful news… Clark's (new name Pharoah) owner contacted me today, sending me picture and all kinds of info about his personality... My shock was to find out that he was not the lady I GAVE him too (She breached a signed contact)... He PURCHASED Clark from her 6 months prior ($200)... the lady didn't tell him he was deaf, or that he had a microchip to switch it over... I just about had a cow when he told me this... Aparently she placed him less then and month after I placed him... I'm irrate... she didn't even bother to call me or anything just sold him... She didn't even tell the kid that he was deaf (what's really funny about it, is in the 6 months he's had Clark he didn't even know he was deaf)...

    I've been talking to him ALL day, all he does is brag about how Clark is such a sweetheart and all the cool things they do together, they are a match made in heaven based on what he's told me....We're making plans to get together so I can see him.. and I plan (with his promise) to keep in contact with me so that he something happens and he can't keep him I'll get him back this time...

    Just thought I'd let you all know he's home... and thank you for all your help...

    Oh and we're also in the process of getting the chip switched over to his name...


  • I am glad that he is in a home where he is known and one that can deal with his issues.
    Do let us know how it goes with his rebonding to you and your family.

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