Pics, I like most

Great photos! Lovely Basenjis. 😃

Thank you for sharing all the pictures all of they are just super love the neck one and sun to many love. The very first one takes your heart away so tiny and sweet.

Rita Jean

Great series of photos. I love watching her grow up, and play with her friends. She is a lovely girl, I see why you fell in love!

Love the pics. But I love brindle babies! They are so cute.

Super pics! She has such a pretty face! I love this one as well:

And her 7 week old pic.. and the ones of her in the snow.. and the puppy meeting.. and.. I like them all! 😃

Great pics. I tried to choose pic I like the most but I couldn't choose only one :D.
Absolutely the cutest are puppies pics. As I look at it I'm looking forward to our babies :).


I love these pictures, they are awesome…I especially love the one of the three of them lined up by the fence...
Thank you so much for sharing, very nice way to wake up on a sunday..

Dani your pics of Zuri are fantastic, it makes me excited to get our pup in the new year.
I love the one where all the pups are lied on your knee and that second pic in the snow would make a lovely christmas card. I love the pic of the 3 dogs running, not sure what breed the one on the right is.


Watching the race-track

What an AWESOME pic! I think that's my favorite one, although the little puppy pics are adorable, too!

Thank you so much! I'm really happy, that you enjoyed watching them!!! 🙂
I've never found out, witch one I like most, too 😃 So I put them all (and more) on our website. We need an upgrade soon :rolleyes:

I think the right one was a mix out of Golden Retriever and something 🙂


But I'm sorry. Actually I am at my parents home and their computer is much toooooo sloooooow for putting new pics in.
So you'll have to wait - ehm - 20 hours or so 😉

Great pictures, thanks!

Beautiful pictures… B's are great!!!

The puppy pics make me want to have another B!! 😃

Those 2-day old ears are too cute!! Thanks for sharing!

Wonderful pictures – I too like the "taking in the sunshine" picture. But there are others I like just as well.

So - I'll go on now 🙂

Don't desturb! Wanna sleep…

Zuri on the race-track:

During a speciality

And "in training" 😉

Enjoying the sun, again 🙂

Tried to hide herself

"Can't you stop taking pics of me?"

Try to hide again 😃

Waiting for someone

Upside down


Or ice-princess?

Yes - and then Thabo moved in 🙂

4 days old and it was clear "That's OUR Boy!"

Hands up!


Opened his eyes :o

Brothers 🙂

Happy Dani again :p

Thabos brother - guess? - chewing

Another brother-beast 😃

Thabo: "Can I eat this?"

"Give it to me!"



Sitting around

My cutie - putting his little paw into our hands 🙂

… tomorrow more ... 😃


Lovely pictures…I adore puppy pictures, thank you so much for sharing..

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