• Well yesterday we had our B's judged at the Hobart Royal…

    This is our biggest show down here in Tasmania. It is our biggest Agricultural show, and this year we had approximatelt 700 exhibits :). Not huge in comparison to the Royal shows in some of the other states of Australia, or other countries, but still :)...

    To start off the day we had a Judges training/sweepstakes competition, with some gundogs, (they were being exhibited as well as the hounds yesterday, at the Royal), and hounds. There was 12 entries all up, and I was a very proud mumma to see Ochre and Olivia come second in this event :D:D:D. The judges comment to the trainee judge, which Olivia overheard, I think ;);), was "Now this is what a good Basenji looks like" :D:D. It sure put a smile on her face, I can tell you... Very proud of both my girls...

    Then we went on to the Royal judging, (different judge to the one that did the earlier judging...), and I am very pleased to say that Ochre was awarded Challenge Bitch, and, Best Of Breed, in the process, she beat a Best In Show/Multi Best In Group winning bitch, then beating the dog for Best Of Breed, who was a Multi Best/Runner-Up In Group winner :D:D:D...

    Olivia was so nervous showing Ochre, probably picked up on my nerves, I think !!! I didnt really expect Ochre to win at this level, only cos she is still VERY immature. Her sire was a very slow maturing male, who I believe didnt pick up his first points till he was about 18 months of age. Ochre, is only 16 months old, (and recently just received her final points for her Australian Championship :D), still needs to drop her chest, straightne her topline and still a touch loose in her movement, so the best of her wont be seen till a good 6-12 months later...

    I am very proud of these 2 tonight...

    Little Vanda was also Baby of Breed, and while she was a little naughty in her class, she was far more settled in the Baby In Group lineup, and even though she didnt win, I am also really proud of her as well. 😃

    This Sunday, we have another All Breeds Show, followed by our Hound Club Show in the afternoon, so I will let you know how my little superstars go :).

  • Great results, you must be very very proud of your girls :D.
    I will keep my fingers crossed on Sunday.

  • Congratulations to Ochre and Olivia, and also to little Vanda 🙂

  • Congrats to all…what a great result! You must be so proud!!!:D:D

  • Houston

    Wow, sounds like they all had a blast. I am so proud of Olivia and Ochre, way to go..og course Vanda did greta too.

    Keeping my fingers and Otis is keeping his paws crossed for sunday..

  • Congrats on the great results!

  • WooHOO…. great results, congrats!!!!

  • Congratulations, thats brilliant! 😃

  • Congrats!!

  • Thanks everyone for your good wishes…

    I am so proud of both the girls, they did a fine job, and Olivia is having a ball with her new hobby :)... She has really only been in the ring for about 12 months, and she has had the pleasure of showing a number of different breeds, including CKCS, a Pug, (In fact the pugs owner hasnt shown her dog yet, Olivia has shown her in all her shows so far ;);)), 2 of our ACD's, and will soon be showing an American ****er, babies and an adult... So all in all, she is doing a super job, and loving every minute of it...

    I am far happier standing outside the ring, doing the grooming etc, etc... Too fat/old to get around the ring now, doing NO justice to any dog, I handle now 😃

  • Well we have had another great day in the ring…

    At the All-Breeds show, Ochre was Ch Bitch, and BOB... Then she also won, best Junior In Group as well :D:D. The 2 O's are doing very well together 🙂

    Then at the Hound Club Of Tasmania, Ochre was Res Ch Bitch, RUBOB, then to our absolute delight, she was awarded best JUNIOR IN SHOW :D:D. We are so proud of both the girls. Olivia is doing such a good job, and, Ochre is finally beginning to mature, and I think we will start to see the best of them both in the next 6-12 months :):)

    One very proud Mumma here ;);)

  • Houston

    Well, I would say she is on fire..go Ochre..
    Sending big congrats.

  • @Basenjimamma:

    Well, I would say she is on fire..go Ochre..
    Sending big congrats.

    Thank you Basenjimamma, I think they are both on fire too :):). Whats that saying, "When your hot, your hot, when your not, your not"…

  • Houston

    I thought I had put Olivia in there too…Sorry Olivia, you are on fire too...burning hot..

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