• So I was bummed to have to take Miles to the vet tonight. He had his follow up visit to evaluate the arthritis meds he's on. He's doing okay. He's mobile enough, but I hate to see his little legs tremble. Just the thought of his mortality makes me sick. So although my vet is talking to me about arthritis, I couldn't help but get a little choked up thinking about 'is this the beginning of the end'? 😞

    I was checking out and a young guy walked up to me. I thought he was going to ask what breed Miles was (since I get that constantly), but instead, he proceeds to tell me he has a nine month old tri-color female from a breeder in Waterford, VA. He said "she's crazy (energy)- any tips?" hahah… All I could do was laugh. Oh, what he's got in store for him!! I wish I could have a puppy again!! I love looking back at all our stories over the years. I gave him lots of advice: exercise, routine, rapport over discipline(spankings), etc... I also referred him to BRAT and to our forum. I hope he'll join. 🙂

    I went and bought some more treats - ones that have glucosamine in them and when I was ringing up, another guy smiled at me and he said, "Man, I used to have a basenji and it's been a really long time since I've seen one." You could tell he was replaying memories in his head as he smiled and gazed at Miles. 😉 So although it was a rough night for me, I think overall it was good.

  • Give him what you have to and never give up hang onto to him as long as you can. It's not the end people live with arthritis everyday and new things come out everyday. I know you give lots of love and that really makes a difference. Get one of those doggie heating mats really helps them when they rest on it or sleep on it to keep bones warm and going. My best to you and smile have a nice evening.

    Rita Jean

  • I'm sure Miles can still live a longer happy life with the proper meds. He's a Basenji after all. They don't give up easily. 🙂

  • I know what you mean about realizing their mortality. Nicky will be 12 in December and I notice every gray hair and every time he seems to be slowing down a little. It is not all the time but every so often. Of course, he always brings me back to the now by doing something absolutely Nicky. Today he enjoyed driving me nuts by pulling all my DVDs off the lower shelves of the DVD stand and then shredding up some mail from the kitchen table. 🙂 Gotta love them for reminding us to enjoy the NOW!

  • Do all you can for him, keep him as comfortable as you can and love him to pieces. I have opted for low dose Rimadyl most every day, Topper's liver values are normal and he moves well, not stiff and delicate. We do a glucosamine supplement that just wasn't enough. He will be 14 on thursday, has other serious health issues so I decided at least he will be as pain-free as I can manage!

    Hugs to Miles, getting older is a bitch.

  • BDawg -

    Your posts often give me a moment of confusion as in this house DH is named Miles.

    And I too have a few older pups in this house. Can't believe my dear brindlewonderkid, Digital, will be turning 13 at the end of the year. He's entered in one more agility trial, but I'm thinking about pulling him. He still enjoys it, but unexpected noises bother him. If I pull him, that means his last agility trial was his last, and maybe that's easier for me. Running him, knowing it's his last time would be hard. He's been my most wonderful competitive agility partner since 1999.

    As far as joint supps, I've been feeding Knox NutriJoint with Glucosamine. You may want to look into that. It's a little different than other joint formulas.

  • Houston

    We also used Knox for our elderly mixed, Lou, that passed a few months ago, it seemed to work really well for his joints for a few years.

    I know that Miles will be with you for many more years to come, just enjoy the time together and know that he will be happy as long as he is there with y'all.
    Hopefully all this new joint treats will do him good. I second the post about a heated bed pad, I heard they do wonders for stiff, achy joints..we never used one for Lou, since it is so hot down here most of the time anyway.

  • First Basenji's

    My goodness , I know how you feel, Have you ever try a product on your dog called biofreeze, for us humans it is good for joint pain, My belle didn't lick it when I put some on her ankle…but I also wraped it. My thought are with you.

  • It is so sad to see our pets age.
    BDawg, your post broke my heart.

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