Basenji puppy in Macon, GA

I did it! Application sent today.

Please sign me up for Basenji Anonymous - I'm addicted. 😃


Vicki and all others who are interested - here is something for you to consider for Heartworm preventative.

This guy sells a bottle of diluted Ivermect (what we used to use before heartworm pills) and the measuring dropper - for $25.00 I can do all my dogs for almost 2 years.

That would be a bit better I think. It's safe - I've used it for years - or actually mixed my own version of this - but this is more convenient.

Thank you for information on heartworm prevention. That will save money.

Vicki your crazy but you got a large heart.

Rita Jean


Great to hear Vicki, you have a huge heart and I know there is a special place for you upstairs..angel you.

Dmcarty, thanks for the info on the heartworm preventative. I will have to look into it..I have enough heartguard to last me through feb-10, but after that, I am game…LOL

Vicki, you have the best name and B's keep you young! :D:D

Good luck!!!!!!

Why, Vicki, I love your name, too!!! 😉

Diane - what about whipworm and other parasites that some heartworm meds keep under control? What do you use?

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