12wk old Basenji/beagle puppy female

  • Female almost 12wks old. Looks and acts VERY Basenji. She takes after her dad with the long legs and lean body. Her ears try to stand but the tips flop lol. Her tail is lightly looped over her back. She was the one I was going to keep but due to circumstances I can't keep a puppy right now and would love to see her go to a great home. I contacted BRAT already and waiting on a response. Very good temperament…she's VERY high energy and does nip when she plays but shes learning not to. She DOES door bolt but is easy to catch if she does get out. She needs her 2nd set of shots. But has had her first. I missed the appointment for her 2nd set due to having to leave town unexpectedly due to family illness. She was born in my house on December 30th. She will be 12wks on Friday. She is Black/White like her daddy. I live in Oklahoma. You can also call me at 580-492-4910 if interested in more info. If I dont answer leave a message and Ill call back. Would love a Basenji Savvy home for her!

  • She's just so cute. Goodluck finding the perfect home for her đŸ™‚

  • Thanks Lysh!! đŸ™‚ She's a little sweetie

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