One year old/male, needs Basenji friendly home.

  • I am writing this thread to offer you a chance to bring home Baroo. He is just over a year old, and although he has not papers, he is throughbreed all the way. He is very independant and a little stubborn. He thinks he runs the house. I have enjoyed his company as long as I have had him, but with the new baby, and me working all the time, he gets a little restless. I want to give Baroo a happy home. If anyone is interested please write to me, and we can work out all the details. thank you.

  • Hi,
    Sorry he is not working out for you. Contact BRAT at and they will be able to help you out. I am so grateful to the family that put my squiggy up for adoption when they realized that they didnt have the time for him anymore. He now has all my time and love.
    Best wishes.

  • Hi. How much are you selling him for? Can you email me some pictures of him. I might be interested.

  • Please make sure that any animal you sell has been spayed or nuetered.
    These dogs can end up in the puppymill sector and its a hellish life for them.
    If your rehoming, please, make sure your dog goes to a good home.
    Its the very least you can do for a family member you have loved.

  • Has Baroo found a home?

  • id like to know that too…and how much you are selling him for

  • Yes I'll be glad to adopt Baroo ASAP !
    Let me know, I am desperately looking for a Basenji. 😞

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