FL-Oviedo/Orlando-2 Yr. Old Male-Needs Foster-On Craigslist

I do not know if this boy-Obie is a PB as there is no picture. A rescue group needs a foster ASAP! Is anyone nearby that could help or determine if this boy is PB? If PB, perhaps BRAT could help if this rescue group cannot find a foster!

Oviedo is a suburb of Orlando on the NE side.

Here is the ad:



They have him listed as a Basenji/Vizsla mix: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/22924600

so NOT what I was expecting from a basenji/vizsla mix. (yes, i had to look) don't really see either breed in Obie.

I looked for this dog under another rescue group and that is why I could not find him! He looks like a Shepherd mix to me.


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