CA-Azusa (L.A.)-5 yr old Black & White Neutered Male Needs Home-Craigslist

I have not contacted the owner since I live so far away. I wonder if the owner has contacted the breeder.

Here is the ad:


Well, at least they are honest about the boy and seem to be interested in making sure it is a good home

Nice ad, hope he finds a good home. Too bad he's so far away from us (actually, whew!).

"I'm pretty spoiled and would like to stay this way."

this made me lol. i was at the Alzheimer's facility with Zest and one of the residents asked me she was spoiled. I replied that she was spoiled rotten. the lady told me "GOOD! Keep her that way."

I emailed the family and gave them information about BRAT and posted the Craigslist ad on the BRAT facebook group page. Hopefully he'll find a great forever home!

perryakramer, thank you for informing BRAT. I hope they let BRAT help them rehome this lovely boy.

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