GA-Atlanta-Two Legged Male B/Pharaoh Mix & Male Companion Puppy

These two were rescued from Egypt and must be adopted together. The two legged dog does walk normally with no help! There is a video of them on their Petfinder page. There have been news stories written about them.

Here are their Petfinder page:

Here is a Facebook page about him before the surgery with pictures:!/media/set/?set=a.289450854419572.78105.121866407844685&type=1

Here are some news stories about them:


Awe! They are adorable

First Basenji's

I cried when I saw this.. so amazing yet so tragic. I hope they get a great home!

Looking at the injuries, they are symmetrical. I don't think this could have been an accident. My opinion only. I hope he finds a home with his friend.

If there is a God, please make sure these dogs go to a wonderful home, especially the one with two legs, who has put up with so much pain. I'm saying prayers to ask for good things for these two dogs.

Those injuries were pretty horrific. It is heartbreaking to think of the pain the dog must have gone through but it is heartwarming to see how he has adjusted.

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