KY-2 B/Hound Mixes-Father & Daughter-In Danger

  • There are 2 B/Hound Mixes, Pax and Pippy, at the Green River Animal Shelter in Columbia KY in danger of being euth'd today as the shelter is receiving many animals. They were found as strays and the shelter thinks they are father and daughter. They are shelter favorites and estimate weight is 30 lbs. They are not big as they barely come up to a shelter worker's knee and she is 5'3". Pax is 3-4 years old and Pippy is 1 year old.

    Here are their webpages on Petfinder:

    If you can help, please contact Sandy at Green River Animal Shelter. The number is 270-385-9655.

    I am trying to attach a flyer from the shelter which has better pictures and more info about them. I hope it comes through.


  • That makes me so sad 😞

  • I called the shelter at 4:35 p.m. EST today-Friday and they were still available. Perhaps the shelter which is open on Saturday will adopt more out then it will take in!

    The shelter is located SE of Louisville, KY-about 100 miles, SW of Lexington, KY-about 100 miles and NE of Nashville, TN-about 130 miles.

    The shelter is open 11 a.m.-5 p.m. CST, Tuesday-Saturday.


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