Mom + 6 Puppies in Colorado Basenji Rescue

Unsure if this was already posted, but doesn't look like it. I contacted Peggy Shifflet a couple days ago and they are still looking for homes for some of these puppies.

They are purebred, and listed on the 'Colorado Basenji Rescue' website if anyone is interested. They will only work will homes that are near their particular area.

They are red and black; absolutely adorable.

According to the website they were born Dec. 12 so they are still being held until they are ready for new homes.

OMG they are adorable fat little babies! I know there were 2 litters of pups that came to CBR on Christmas. As well as 7 (?) adults. So, even if you're not quite up to puppy fever, please let Peggy (aka Colorado Basenji Rescue) know . And if you're not in the market for a new pup or dog, donations are always appreciated as these dogs did not come with trust funds.

Anyone know if/how many of these puppies might be around still? The website listed 6 and shows 1 still available. I also read somewhere (another thread or forum, can't remember) that there may have been 2 litters for a total of ~12 puppies, but the site has only listed 6. Would love to hear from anyone who may have taken the time to visit the puppies or might have more info. We've reached out directly as well and are awaiting further info.

EDIT: Nevermind, we found that the CO rescue isn't willing to send puppies this far east. We have found a pup elsewhere from a breeder.

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