Most crazy/funny leash, ever

first of all, i did not buy …this.
second, in order to avoid traffic accidents, from drivers looking at, instead of the road, i doubt i will take a walk with ..this.
but i think it's funny, and decided to share a pic:

Hi Andreas,
Yes, thats funny, but not as my dogs leash :D…

I think it would looks great on Rottweiler, regarding his origin (in past he was a butcher dog) 😃

I like that leash but your right I could not walk my dog on it. Could I walk my husband on it. LOL.. Just Monday and I little over the hill today.

Rita Jean

That would be perfect with one of those Halloween costumes they make for dachunds - the ones that look like buns with the dog being the hot dog in the middle?

Well, actually it was a gift from my sister, and i think this was her way to say:
"since you want a "crazy" dog, this should be a perfect gift".

No Irena, i am not planning to use it for your/my dog, though my son really liked it and already we have started (within family) to talk of conditions of training…

I have to say, i feel very thankful, being in here in this "basenji family", even though i still need a ~6 month waiting. I read every post and i am trying to prepare myself (as much as possible) for the wonderful moment of the arrival of my puppy. I truly feel you all as part of a great family, and though i don't yet reply to each one's "personal conditions", i really feel very emotional for each one's happiness or sorrows to share.


How funny..our weiner dog would look so cute with it..maybe.

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