Will it ever end???

This rain is absolutely sickening! I have been watching the stupid weather since 4 this afternoon, first tornado warnings (and a confirmed tornado not too far away:eek: ), then I finally get up the courage to work out, thinking the severe weather is over. While working out I eventually hear a slow trickling noise…sure enough...our basement is flooding! We put some towels down, moved some stuff, thought this were ok, since the leak stopped. I go upstairs, watch tv for awhile, my husband I checked the basement again each time it poured, but all seemed ok. We both fell asleep watching tv, and so when I woke up I went downstairs to check on things, and lo and behold, not only did the flood come back that we cleaned up, the basement also started leaking in several other places! Ugh, this is so annoying! We got things cleaned up, but now I get to get up every couple hrs tonight to check things over, and there is a nice line of rain extending from eastern WI (where I am) all the way down to Missouri, all headed my way...yippee :mad:

Now I am watching the news and saw the stupidest warning on the bottom...they said "Flash Flood warning...if you encounter high water turn around, don't drown"...what kind of dumb wording is that..."don't drown" lol.
And earlier tonight they were stupid too...they had on the newscast how if your power is out, you should call so and so number to report it...hello! If your power is out, how on earth are you watching the newscast!?!

Oh well, I should just be thankful I am not in other areas of WI or Iowa, where people have been forced to leave their homes, roads are closed, and worse. I definitely feel for them!

Thanks for listening to my venting. I am just crabby, overtired, and bored, so thought I'd share my frustrations with the world!

I think I will go, take a deep breath, throw the soaked towels in the wash, try to get some sleep, and hope tomorrow is a better day!

I hear you! This weather is crazy- DH is moving east across the country. He was in Omaha the other night when they had the tornados….they were all sitting in the basement of some arena or theatre or club, waiting for everything to pass through. Apparently they had another spell of them last night in Kansas City. Tonight he is supposed to be in St. Louis- he will be getting the same rain you are.

Here's hoping the water level stays low and your spirits stay high.

Good luck!

I've been seeing all those storms on the news…I hope today IS a better day for you.

Well, today seems to be better, at least as long as it doesn't rain again. I didn't get much sleep until about 3:30, but thats ok since I am a teacher, and yesterday was the last day of school, so I can sleep in for awhile 🙂
Now I just gotta finish cleaning up the basement, and the only lasting bad thing is we might have to tear apart the insulation so it doesn't get moldy. I still don't get how it flooded, since there was no windows or cracks anywhere…it just started coming out of the insulation...oh well, as long as it dries up we'll be fine, I just feel bad for those in the midwest who had it a lot worse than we did.

Jylly, as I read your post the skies are now darkening again in my area (Il/WI border) Although we are not in a flood zone, the rains have also taken their toll on us. Not only is it a heck of a good wrestling match to get our male out to go pee, but our female is afraid of the wind/trees blowing!! Aarrggg.

We had basement flooding earlier in the spring. What a mess. The city lines were not totally cleaned from the fall leaf drop, then the early spring thaw washed all the sand used for ice into the sewers as well. It came at the worst possible time. All of our living room and dining room furniture was in the basement as we were prepared for new carpet to be install the following weekend. here's the rain again, 3:58 pm

Last Sunday, we had a gutter clog from the 3rd level down spout to the 2nd level gutter and the path of least resistance seems to be through the fascia into the house and in the the dining room through the ceiling.

I also work for a school district (librarian) so I'm home for the summer. I think this is more nerve wracking!! I think I'd rather be at work being distracted than running downstairs, or staring at the dining room ceiling like a catatonic every time it rains!!!!

Good luck on the basement situation. Here's hoping you stay high and dry:D

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