Cheap dog coats at Land's End

  • I like to check Land's End regularly for sales on dog coats, and right now they've got some colors of their squall coat on sale for $16.99, plus everything is 25% off for Labor Day, so they come down to about $13. Winter's coming, so I thought I'd make everybody aware so they can take advantage.

  • thank you Andrew. That's a great price.

  • Thanks, I just ordered 3! Ed is bigger (longer) than the medium measurements, so I ordered Large, hopefully it will fit. His coats are all either too big or too small, Topper and Nicky are easier to fit, fortunately.
    Thanks for the tip.

  • Also, check out They carry doggy versions of horse blankets and they tend to be well fitted for the active dog!

  • Mine came today, they are perfect for our Florida weather. Lighter weight than I expected but very nice and all we need! And especially for the price. I got a large for Eddie, it is a bit too big but the mediums are like all his other coats…too small! At least he can be wrapped up in this one. the mediums fit Topper and Nicky perfectly.
    Thanks again for the tip.

  • I got the two that I ordered… fit the girls great...

  • I love Land's End and L.L.Bean. Most of my clothes are from one or the other. the deal kinda stuff, thankfully, my job let's me get away with mostly casual. I can't even imagine the costt of a suit (male or female) , or being so uncomfortable.

  • Anne, how tall-big is Eddie and what size did you order? Have held off ordering since I didn't know how they fit. My Kate is short and volumptious. Ty is tall and of "normal" weight, what ever that is 🙂 Are they warm enough for an elder that only goes in the snow or rain when necessary?

  • I don't think they would be warm enough for really cole weather. Think waterproof nice quality fabric lined with flannel, the fleece lining is not very thick.

    Ed is probably 19 inches at the shoulder, his neck to tail measure was between 19 and 20 inches, and I didn't really measure his pot-belly (weighs 32 lbs). the medium was usable but came a couple of inches short on his back and only about 2/3 the way down his sides.The velcro 'belt' was plenty long enough, and the chest wrap was fine. Most of his other clothes are this size, or way too big.
    I first thought the large way too big (there was quite a big difference) but on second look decided to keep it, Ed will be well covered. He is an in-between sized boy, hard to fit, good thing we live in Florida!

  • Thank you so much. That helps a lot.

  • Thanks! Just ordered one for my new girl! 🙂

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