Rant about neighbor's treatment of their dogs.

  • Ok, I love my neighbors. I really do. I have babysitted their kids, stood beside them through several troubling times (affairs, sucide attempts), but it really pisses me off how they treat their dogs. They have 2, a bishon and a wheaton/poodle mix. 3 days ago she asks me by the way can you watch our dogs next week while we go on a family vacation. Then she says we are leaving Friday morning and will be gone for 10 days. Really you waited until 3 days before you leave to make arrangements for your dogs care, and hope that I don't have plans. This is not unusual. I don't mind pitching in to help out but 10 days is a long time. The the wife says btw there would be a third dog in the house for 4 of the 10 days b/c they had promised to keep that dog. They lock their dogs in a small laundry room, just want me to go over let them out to potty and feed them. Her comment was just the basic care feed and potty. For 10 DAYS!. I feel guilty leaving my guys overnight at my house and I have a doggie door. They have on many occassions left for the weekend (leave fri come back Sun) never tell anyone they went out of town and just lock their dogs in the laundry room with some food, water and puppy pads and think it's ok. I have on many occasions gotten a text at 3:00pm on Friday asking me to "check in" on her dogs as they are going out of town and leaving in 2 hours. It is as these dogs are a total afterthought to them. Even their 3 children ignore the dogs and don't play with them. I have asked her on several occasions to let her 2 meet my two in a neutral area and see if they would get along so I could just bring her dogs to my house and sit them, she always refuses, and now that I know she never gets vaccinations or vet check ups I am reluctant to let our dogs socialize b/c I don't want my dogs picking up anything. Some people just don't need pets.

  • Agreed…. that is really sad... thank goodness that you are around and care enough to help the poor critters out. I would venture to guess that if you were not, they would go away anyway.

  • When they get back, have a heart to heart about basic good dog care. Really. The dogs deserve it.

    And it's a win win. If she GETS it, the dogs get better care. If she doesn't, it will make her mad and she won't impose.

  • Those people. Sigh. In this country anyone can have kids and pets. Some should have NEITHER!

  • Debra, I really don't want to make her mad. We are not only neighbors but co-workers as well. Sigh. I think the next time she asks I'm just going to be unavialable and hope she will get them up to date on their shots and board them somewhere. They can afford it. I never ask her to keep my dogs as they either go with us on trips or I have a good friend that her 3 dogs have basically grown up with mine over the years. She has a 1 acre fenced in yard and we both have the same philosphy of care of our dogs. The friend that keeps my dogs we meet twice a year to discuss travel/vacation plans and book each other way in advance.

  • And GenJMar, I would venture to bet that you would never ask them to look after your dogs…. knowing how little they really care about their own.

  • I'm not sure about where you live, but the lack of vaccinations would sort of scare me. Of course the county where I live had 7 confirmed cases of rabid skunks in the span of 14 days the end of April. I'm not sure what the current count is, but I would NOT want to mess around with rabies. (And yes, that's confrimed cases so just think about how many skunk and other animals were not sent in to the health department.)

    I guess you could always hedge a bit the next time they asked and say you were busy or that your dogs were sick and it's possibly contagious, so you'll have to pass.

    Or, you could maybe offer to find another home for their pooch. You know, with that friend of yours who is looking for a dog just like that one, or the friend who was with you last time you were caring for him and just fell in love with him. Maybe they'd be happy to see him go and not ask too many questions.

  • It's really a shame that people treat their pets in this fashion. At least for the 10 days that you're looking after them they'll get some human attention which I'm sure they're starved for.
    I think it smart that you're "busy" next time they ask. They're dogs not having ANY shots or vet care would have me concerned too.

  • Pat, I have only asked them once to care for my dogs it was emergency and I had to be away for the weekend. I came home and found my guys had gotten bored and broken the child safety locks off my kitchen cabinets. The neighbors had made some attempt to clean it up but I know better now.

    Another frustration is the 3rd dog they have in their house THEY had promised to keep of someone elses for 4 of the 10 days they are gone. I was worried this person didn't know I would be minding her dog. I got her contact info and gave her a heads up, but not a lot she can do about it as she is out of state. I have only met this 3rd dog once. And until I asked a few minutes ago my neighbor had not given me any info about the dogs care. I had to ask… does the dog get crated at night, what is its feeding schedule, how much food, and behavior problems, medications etc.... She thought I was being a little too uptight with my questions.

    her responses...When does the dog get feed? Answer In the morning or evening whenever I remember. Where does the dog get fed? Answer, In the crate. Where is the Crate? Answer, in the bedroom. How much do you feed the dog? Answer slightly rounded bowl full. Is there a reason you feed the dog in the crate? Answer she's a picky eater. UGH!!

    Really it was like an interrogation.

    I'm just really used to more effort. I have a printed care page with feeding schedule, contact info,(mine, the vet) list of commands they should know as well as a release form for medical care.Stating the person caring for my dogs during a certain time period has the authority to make emergency decsions for the health issue of my dogs.

  • GenJMar, I have a neighbor that would do this same little trick to me… call me at 11 pm when they were out on their boat in the Gulf of Mexico and ask if I would take care of their little dog. Of course, I would say yes, but it would always irritate me because it was obvious that she could have asked earlier in the day, or even better, earlier in the week? 😕

    Guess what? One time when she called, I was actually out of town and unable to help her. She had to find another neighbor to take her dog out.... and now she calls him, and not me.

    She learned the hard way not to take advantage of our friendship, and personally, I think it's better that she found someone else to bum free dog care from.... it costs $$ to board dogs at a vet or doggy day care, but neighbors are FREE!

    I'd definitely recommend not being available the next time that she imposes on you~ you aren't saving your friendship/work relationship... she is taking advantage of your kind heart.

  • GenJmar -
    the house accross the street from me is for sale.

  • LOL Agilebasenji. Of course I would much rather play with basenjis than hairy, yappy bishons and poodle mixes.

  • My laugh of the day, agilebasenji!

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