Rescued dog's ear infection and health issues

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  • Wow, that really makes me sad. It's a case of people gone wrong to subject an animal to that condition. But it sounds like this dog has fallen into some really great hands. You're doing some good stuff for the dog. At eight he could really turn around nicely physically if you patiently keep doing what you're doing. Great job Vicki!

  • A friend's lab gets yeasty ears, she uses topical feminine products for yeast infections with some success, then tries to keep them clean and dry between episodes. Kudos to you for helping this old gent.

  • Oh Vicki! You have my deepest sympathy! We rescued a sweet, sweet basset hound some years ago who had the world's worst and most chronic ear infection. There were times that it would flare up so bad that we seriously discussed having one ear removed and/or the ear canal removed. She crossed over the rainbow bridge 6 years ago and I still twitch at the thought of chronic ear problems. In a floppy earred dog, it is really difficult to irradicate. Try to keep the ear and canal as dry as possible and whenever possible, get a little air circulation. Also, be really careful to not let it spread to the other ear. We kept separate right and left ear supplies. These ear infections aren't too rare in basset hounds and you might check out a basset forum to see what they are using these days. Good luck to you and your friend and I know anything you do for this old guy will be better than what he had before.


  • Houston

    Vicki, I don't have any great advice, only words of encouragement. Sounds like you and your friend are doing an awesome thing for this poor little fella.
    Found this online..

    The one thing I do with our dachshund's ears, besides cleaning them, is when he sleeps I will fold his ear up over his head so it can air out, I try to do this every time I see him sleep, but at least once a day..

    Good luck, keep us in the loop.

  • Way to go Vicki for taking great care of this guy. Please keep us up to date on how he is doing. Feminine roduct might be a good thing also.

    Rita Jean

  • Here is something a person educated in Raw food gave me for ear infections. I couldn't use it because Zina is allergic to grains, weeds, pollen, etc. But it's something for the vet to look into.

    10 Drops of Lavender oil in 1 oz olive oil. Drop into ears daily as needed.

    No fruit or starchy veggies. I believe she said this is for yeast infections.

    As for the ears themselves, if the springer has hair on the ends of his ears, you may be able to pin them up with a banana clip or barret. Down eared dogs do need air circulation in their ears.
    Let us know the progress.

  • Have no suggestions Vicki but just wanted to say it sounds like you and your friend are doing a great job and hopefuly he will have many happy healthy years left to enjoy

  • Way to go!! When we rescued Miles, his ears had frostbite and chunks would just fall off in my hand. I just cleaned them with mild soap and water and put neosporin on them and after a few months, they healed. Yeast infections are a different thing though. Lexi's only had one once and the vet gave us a solution to rinse her ears with– well, rather put it on a cotton ball and swab them out. It seemed to really help quickly. Good luck! It's so rewarding to see their progress!! I love it!

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  • Houston

    Vicki, good news for Dudley and his wounds..and ears too.
    Sounds like your plan is great and that he will get the care he needs..very "proud" of you, as a fellow human and caring person I commend you for your hard and diligent work..Dudley does too..I know he does.

    As far as the food choice goes for Dudley's owner, why don't you tell her that you started, out of curiosity, to do some research on different dogfoods and ask her to join you in the quest?
    I have a link to another forum (chicken related, so I hope I am not stepping on anybody's toes), this one has a "grade the dogfood you are feeding type chart", so you can do it on your own, instead of feeling as if you are told what to feed by the various company's or the like. There are several foods on here that are the cheaper versions as supposed to only highdollar foods, so she doesn't have to feel as if she has to fork out tons of money, it might help her open her eyes.. Good luck, I hope it works..

  • Houston

    Yes, it is sad and oh so very common..
    but you tried and that is good, sorry it didn't work out..

  • Vicki i'm pleased that Dudley is improving. Today i was talking to someone with a Bloodhound who was recently diagnosed with a yeast infection invilving her head, ears and eyes. She was put on a course of madication and was advised to take her off any products containing Wheat.

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