• First Basenji's

    As most of you know, when I brought Cody home, he was an adult dog that had probably lived most of his life without much love. He didn't understand what toys were (besides to defluff them), or playing or even treats.

    A few days ago, I brought him a stuffed animal with really long arms and legs, with velcro on the hands and feet for hanging. I hung it where he could reach it if he wanted to; I was trying to trick him into thinking he was being sneaky if he took it.

    Last night, he sneakily crept into the kitchen and finally snatched it down. He brought it into the bedroom where I was, set it on the floor, and looked at me with his forehead wrinkled inquisitively. I reached down to pick it up, and as soon as I grabbed one leg, he grabbed the other. He wanted to play tug-o-war, something he's never done before! Whenever he'd win it away from me, he'd toss it up in the air a few times, then drag it back and look at me expectantly until I start pulling on it again. This went on for quite a while. I was thrilled, because most of our playtime only involves chasing each other. I've tried to get him interested in rope toys and such, but usually if I try to initiate something like this, he just lets go of the toy and walks off, like he thinks he?s in trouble and I?m taking it away. I just thought it was great that he is learning that toys can be used for something besides defluffing and destroying.

    He?s been doing a lot of little things like this lately. Like today, I was in the basement, the one room in the house that he has absolutely no interest in going into (he waits for me at the top of the stairs, but won?t even venture onto the first step down). Someone had spilled water at the bottom of the steps, and I didn?t see it, so I fell. After taking inventory and making sure I didn?t break any bones, I opened my eyes, and there was Cody, sniffing me, and, I assume, making sure I was ok.

    It just made me realize how much he has changed from the dirty, underweight, scared basenji that I brought home in May. With us, it?s the little things like this that are huge milestones.

  • I love this great story!! Thanks for sharing it with us. You've done a wonderful job being patient with Cody and it sounds like he's really making progress.

  • Aren't those the greatest moments that make you feel that you made the right decision about bringing home the unknown? We have had many of those moments over the last year with our rescue Sheba. You just feel good about things when they gain a little confidence or show a tiny bit of affection. Keep us updated as things progress.

  • What a great story…

    Cody made a big change!

    How wonderfull that he came te see if you were fine...

  • such stories make me cry of joy !

  • Houston

    Crystal, That is so sweet. Thank you so much for sharing Cody's first with us..

  • Awwww . . . I love stories about rescue dogs coming into their own

  • Happy you were not hurt when you fell. I love your story and very happy for both of you. Happy days ahead thank you for being such a caring person.

    Rita Jean

  • First Basenji's

    Thanks! I just love that he's gaining so much more confidence. We were going to celebrate today by going to the beach because it is my day off from work, but it has been raining all day 😞 . Instead, we have played and chased each other around the house all day and he got one of his favorite treats: melted cheese and beef. Hopefully the weather will be nicer on Wednesday!

  • What a lovely story of success…. kudos to you ..... for giving Cody the forever home that he deserves....

  • Great to hear Crystal 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing these milestones in Cody's life. Learning to play is a HUGE step, and overcoming his (probable) fear to come to the basement to check on you was just wonderful. Kudos to you for teaching him to love and be happy.

  • Great job Crystal and Cody:). Macpac says it all when it was stated "Kudos to you for teaching him to love and be happy. "

    We sometimes forget that the baby-step advances with an in home raised puppy (as difficult as that is at times) is really nothing compared to the difficulties and patience needed when an older dog, abused, neglected, or just plain unwanted/emotionally devoid Basenji is adopted in a home.

    Baby steps for others, can be a GIANT grand canyon type leap for a rescue/rehome and their family.

    Congratulations for jumping the Grand Canyon:D

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