Is there something wrong with my "B"?

  • I got home from work today and let my B out to go to the bathroom and I still her for the first time ever poop on the deck. She then goes about rolling one of the lager pieces arounf with her nose like some circus bear until I get her away from it. I sweep off the deck and bring her inside but all she will do is look out the door at where that poop, her poop, used to be.

    It's almost like she was a mother taken from her baby.

  • How old is she?

  • Sorry, once again my dumb sense of humor husband got to my computer and made what he thought was a funny post.
    No, Tosca didn't do this, although I wouldn't put it past her to do it to another dog's poop đŸ™‚ Just not her own.
    Admin, is there a way to delete posts? You know, from double posting, moronic husbands, or other general mistakes? đŸ™‚

  • Sounds like you need to change your password :rolleyes: Maybe we should use the powers of the forum for the greater good (of jilly's sanity) & all come up with a group prank for him??

  • i agree! password change…..

  • What does "wow gold", "wow power level", and "world of warcraft gold", have to do with Basenji Forums?

    BaMicas mom

  • Man another World of warcraft post…I will email Alex and let him know we have another spammer

  • It looks like "another spammer" hit 8-posts, all about 1-2 minutes apart with the same post on the same day… And where is "Array?" except on the internet?

    BaMicas mom

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