Maya Meets the Puglets!

These were actually taken at the weekend but i've only just got around to sorting them. Maya's first time meeting the Puglets. She loved them, but does anyone remember the kids game "Whack Attack":

It was like that! Maya kept hitting them on the head 😃 Too funny!

Smiley Puglet:

Love the pics Jess, especialy the smiley Pug 🙂
My two boys had Whack attack

Oh, I just love the last pics of smiling puglet:) Maya has a lot of fun in the house this time.

Great pics…I have to laugh about Maya bonking them on the head though. When I added Aaliyah as a pup to the family this winter, Ruby would do that to her all the time. It was pretty funny. 🙂

Great pics! 😃

Smiling puglet is really my favorite!

Maya is so beautiful and the pups are to. Pugs have really grown. Great pictures looks like they had fun.

Rita Jean


Jess, Great pictures. Maya looks pretty happy with all these new playtoys..I mean mates, sorry..LOL. and of course the last smiley one, oh I heart that one…

The Puglets look adorable and so does Maya of course.

Thanks everyone!!

I must get some more pictures of the puglets, they are so cute! A bit too breakable to be with Maya too much at the moment, but once they have grown a bit and my two come home Maya will just love having her new toys to play with 😃

Great pics Jess:D they are soooo cute:D

lovely photos. The pugs are great.

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