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but wouldnt'i have to show him to have a mentor??.


i have tested him and im waiting for the results but i'm still being told not to breed him., because i dont show him. what is that??.

The Fanconi test is not the ONLY reason to consider a dog for breeding. That's what everybody has been trying to tell you. Imagine there is a checklist for considering a dog for breeding. There are maybe 100 reasons on that checklist. Fanconi is just 1 of those reasons. There are still 99 other reasons why you may or may not want to breed that dog.


i have tested him and im waiting for the results but i'm still being told not to breed him., because i dont show him. what is that??.

Go back, re-read the posts for understanding. And you will see that us suggesting you don't breed him has NOTHING to do with not wanting to show him. It has to do with not understanding enough about the breed, the health, the history, the behaviors….yet...why does everybody have to rush into things?


but wouldnt'i have to show him to have a mentor??.

You can not show him, he is not AKC registered, so "no" you don't have to show to have a mentor….. Most people start with finding a responsible breeder, learning about the breed, getting a puppy and then deciding to show or working on an arrangement with your mentor to show him/her for you. And then after years of study, thinking about maybe breeding


but wouldnt'i have to show him to have a mentor??.

I got a mentor at least a year before I started showing. I still went to dog shows to watch this mentor show her own dogs and to watch other people showing dogs. I sat ringside and picked her brains, asking her a million questions. Anytime there is an opportunity for me to help her with something that involves her dog, I seize on that opportunity. No chore or task is too disgusting (sitting in the kitchen for 2 hours cleaning up after a littler of 6 puppies), nothing is beneath me because it can all teach me something. I still continue to do this because I don't know everything there is to know. I will continue to do this until I die or decide I have a different passion or hobby in life.

ohio, and detroitareas'are great for me mostly detroit!!. thanks.!!

how's close to detroit area to mentor?

None of those people are on this list. You need to go to the BCOA website, and see if you can either find their contact info on the breeder referral list, or email Sandy Beaudoin, she is the breeder referal contact, and the can give you more info….I am pretty sure there is a link to her there at the website.


how's close to detroit area to mentor?

You have to do a little reseach and find your own mentor, you have to make the contact and tell them what you are interested in doing, learning, etc. You have to talk to a few people and see which ones you get along with best.


hi, i guess your right!but i just don't get what is the difference between and show basenji and a petshop basenji!!??? they look the same to me!!!!!!!!!!!. sorry taz, & lovss!!. i know your trying to help me!!, i just dont'get the difference between the basenji's!!.

This is a good reason NOT to breed. Until you can assess an individual's strengths and weaknesses, you shouldn't breed. That is one reason why I gave for showing your dog (pg 6 of this thread).

As far as people being mean to you, I haven't seen it. They aren't telling you what you want to hear, but that is very different from being mean to you. Nobody has called you names and you've gotten some really good advice from lots of people, so you can't say people on this board are ignoring you. As far as other people breeding without testing or showing, well, people are going to do what they are going to do. You came here asking about breeding responsibly.

Breeding is a labor intensive process. It can also be an expensive process. Emergency vets are costly.

People are suggesting you neuter your pup because there are lots of nice basenjis waiting for a home. Your dog is unknown in health and background. Yes, I'm sure he's beautiful. Yes, I'm sure he's nice. But so are all the other basenjis in BRAT and countless other rescues across the US and Canada.

i have been told that my boy is no good to breed because hes'a petshop basenji!!. i'm doing a fanconi test and waiting for the results as we skeak!, but just because i can't show him doesn't mean i cant' breed him once i get the test back !! then and only then i will make my decision on that i might breed him!!. and if that's the case with the basenji's need to be re homed or help, then why dont you help these dog's too!!!!!!!!!???????????? i also didnt'say anyone had to agree with me either!. i came on here to ask question , not to get an attitude form everyone. saying my dog isn't worth anythang because i can't show him!! or hes'a petshow.that's like saying nobody should marrie you because you don't know about your back ground!!. that's stupid to say!, but thats' what i'm getting from here!! and for one you and anybody else don't know what my dog can do unless i try!!. boy obh boy everyone on here is judgemental here!!! and i wasnt'just on here for breeding information!! there are other questions i have asked!. so why are you being so judgemental about me asking so many questions on here. i am just asking about information. if that wasn't the case i could have breed him 2 yr's ago!!!.

Oh for heaven's sake! If you're not going to listen to the ADVICE that YOU SOLICITED, then just be quiet!
I have absolutely LOST my patience!
You wouldn't marry somebody the first day you meet them, nor would you marry them after you found out they're a convicted serial killer. Just because you have the option of marrying somebody doesn't mean you should.
Your basenji should not be bred because you don't know what the heck you're doing! It has nothing to do with your dog at this point. Its you. YOU aren't listening, YOU aren't accepting the valuable advise, and YOU obviously don't have the wherewithall, time or money to commit to doing research, finding a mentor or creating healthy puppies. You just want to whine and sell puppies. Having a stethoscope does not make you a doctor anymore than loving a basenji makes it a good dog to breed.
Breeding is still a genetic spin of the wheel, and really amazing basenjis and really crappy basenjis can come from the same litter, just as the same two humans can produce a very healthy child and a child with a horrible genetic disease. Although she is a backyard breeder dog, I was told by professional handlers this past weekend that Lola actually isn't a bad looking girl. I got REALLY lucky with her, but that doesn't mean she should have been bred.
Seriously…. They're telling you this for your own good. And your dog shouldn't be bred, but it has more to do with your ignorance and laziness than your dog itself.
And just FYI, you ARE deaf ears! Multiple people have now told you multiple times and in multiple ways why you should not breed your dog. I don't recall anybody listing "from a pet store" as a reason why you shouldn't breed.

p.s. (Moderators, I'm sorry. Don't kick me off. It had to be said. I apologize in advance for any trouble this post may cause)

It has nothing to do with showing, it has to do with understand structure and anatomy. One test result is fairly insignificant in the sum total of what makes up the whole dog. Who cares if a dog is Clear for Fanconi because it is blind by 7 years old? Who cares if a dog is Clear for Fanconi if it can't climb a couple of stairs or get on couch without pain? Who cares if the dog is Clear for Fanconi if it is wasting away from IPSID?

If you can't look at dogs and see the differences between them then you are not ready to breed ANY dog.

I asked you to take a look at the page about evaluating puppies and tell me which puppy would be your pick and why. Your reason was because that puppy didn't look "stretched out". Do you know where the rear feet should fall in relation to a dog's rear? Do you know what it means when they naturally fall forward of that point (more under the dog) or fall naturally behind that point? The only puppy that appears "stretched out" in the pictures is Boy 2 and he also appears to be leaning on the handlers hand so is probably not "stretched out" as much as "reaching", trying to move forward.

What else did you see besides that they look healthy? If you are going to breed you need to be able to speak to angulation, front fill, head shape, feet, tail set, ear set.

You don't need to show to evaluate a dog structurally but it sure helps a person to develop an eye for it when they are seeing so many more dogs and not just basenjis.

boy oh boy did i hit a nerve!!!!!!!!!!. i'm learning !! , little by little! but it has been said i shouldn't breed him because i don't know his basck ground. the only thank i don't know about is who and who hasnt been test in hi back ground! that to me doesn't mean that ther's not a chance for puppies to be clear or a carrier!!. and as for you calling me lazy or ignorance you might want to go back to whenyou started out on do this!! you shure wasn't born a pro at it!!. and as far as laziness you couldn't keep up with my daily life style!!. so why dont u stop getting you panties in a bunch, crab a~~! i don't know where you live ,but where i live there's not to many people aound that have heard of this breed!!!. grumpy!.AS I SAID BRFORE I HAVEN'T DECIDED YET IF I WILL BREED OR NOT!!!. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE DIFFEREANCE BRTWEEN THE PET SHOP BASENJI AND THE SHOW BASENJI!!. THAT'S WHY I'M ON HERE!, AND I MITCHTION BREEDING AND THEN I GOT SOME NASTY THANG SAID TO ME AND NOT BY: TAZA, LOVSS!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR TALKING TO ME AND HELPING ME UNLIKE SOMEOTHER'S THAT HAVE THERE PANTIES IN A BUNCH!!!!!!!!! QUESTIONS ON BREEDING IS MY ONLY QUESTION. !!, SO DON'T GET IN PANTIE PINCH ANDREW!. I AM LEARNING HERE!!!

You continue to obssess about a single health issue in the breed that is not the only problem in the breed and the other problems require in depth knowledge of the pedigree and knowing who has had those health issues and who has produced them. Since you do NOT know that and can NOT get that information then your dog is NOT a good breeding candidate.

Fanconi is NOT the only health issue in the breed and just because you test for one problem does not make you a good breeder.

This is what everyone keeps saying. This is what you are not getting. Hip Dysplasia, Slipped Patellas, Hypothyroidism, PRA, IPSID are all issues in the breed and every single one of them requires you to know detailed health histories in your dog's pedigree prior to breeding if you truly care about producing healthy puppies.

Everyone is frustrated with you because your REFUSE to acknowledge that there is more to a basenji then one gene.

I really don't know much about the pic's you showed me . I have never even been to a show dog comation! But thanks sooo much for not being grummpy at me for asking these questions!. I'm trying to understand all i can.!! And yes u and taza are right there is alot more i have to learn!!! I'm not saying i want to jump in to this just yet!. I wish u and taza lived closer to me , to come out and see the difference between the showing and what to look for exzactly so that i'm not hurting the breed at all! .i want to be a responcibel breeder if i choise to do somethig like that! I'm not sure what i'm going to to just yet. Maybe breed once and that's it , but if i did i would either keep the puppies or have them fixed before i sold any and only to friends that know all the information first!!. I would mostlikely keep the puppies !! It would be cool to have a house full of these puppies! There sooo darn unuseual! Htere a great breed and a cool breed to have show or pet!!thks taza,&lvoss.please keep the information and other thing's comming so i can learn even more!!. And what is this ipsid?? I have never heard of it/! And please andrew be quiet!, if your going to get you panties in a bunch just for me asking a question about this!!.

Sorry but i'm learning as i go and i have never heard of these other diseases before!!. Please explaine them to me more!!!. The hip displaysia i have see in dogs, and it's very nasty to see! But the rest i didn't know about!!!.


and as for you calling me lazy or ignorance you might want to go back to whenyou started out on do this!! you shure wasn't born a pro at it!!. and as far as laziness you couldn't keep up with my daily life style!!.

Obviously, no good deed goes unpunished. I was trying to make you feel better for all the others (Tanza & Lvoss) who you thought were being mean, only to find you have flipped opinions completely. Suddenly, I'm the bad guy & they are the good guys. You have a screw loose.
The only reason I spent so long last night typing that initial long post is because I STILL REMEMBER what its like to be BRAND NEW to this because I still consider myself BRAND NEW. The difference is, I took the initiative to find a mentor rather than whining on & on about a single issue on the forum. I STILL seek out more mentors (met two more this past weekend), I STILL ask a million questions of anybody who will sit still long enough to listen and answer. On a scale of 1-10 for basenji knowledge, I consider myself a 3. So I will not personally breed my dog by myself until I can consider myself an 8 or 9 at least. I'm still not a pro, and doubt I ever will be. That's why I don't breed.

And you are clearly not learning, not even little by little. Before you post anything else at all to anybody about anything, i highly recommend you actually READ and CONSIDER this entire thread several times until you actually understand it.

I feel like we're all banging our heads against a wall. I'm done with this thread. It is futile and stupid.

"pedro" writes and acts like a 12 year old with nothing better to do than to troll the forum and cause problems. I do not think you are a real adult nor do I think you are truly here for conversation. Please, go elsewhere to get your jollies.

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