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there has been up to 30 dogs there and this has never happen!! but the guys gog came at mine for no reason!!. he has never seen his dog even do that!!. pedro has gotten along with tea cup phooddles to malamutes!. all the dogs where really frisskey today. and i did mition that to the other guy, and he said he noticed that too. that they where more frisky then normal out there!. and said that might have been the reason.??

i sent the test yesterday!!. and i have to wait 2-3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm dieing here to know!!!.

wait monday i sent it in! it takes 3 day to get it in to start testing!!.


if he's a carrier he cant'get it, what does it mean if he come's back clear!??

Same thing he will not get Fanconi, but again just because he may be clear, doesn't mean that he should be bred

i'll see what happens after the test come back.! just because i don't want to show dont' mean i should'nt breed him. but if i do decide to i will check the females'pedagree ! thanks to everybody on here for helping me . just don't really know what i'm going to do yet!!!!????.


i'll see what happens after the test come back.! just because i don't want to show dont' mean i should'nt breed him. but if i do decide to i will check the females'pedagree ! thanks to everybody on here for helping me . just don't really know what i'm going to do yet!!!!????.

He is not AKC registered, you can not show him, so it doesn't matter. And you can not have any offspring registered AKC. Again all things considered, you really would be better served to neuter him and if interested in a show dog and later breeding, find a responsible breeder to be your mentor

the thang is no one seem to like me on her tomuch!! because my dog isn't akc reg.!!

i would like to get 2 more basenji's to breed & get pedro nutured!!. but i don't thank that will happen now!! because everybody know's me now with owning pedro!!!!

The only reason people knowing you would matter is if you are not interested in being responsible. If all you are interested in is breeding dogs so you have puppies to sell, then you are probably right and most people are not going to be interested in talking to you.

I don't see how you can go from, "I can't afford a puppy" to "I want to buy 2 show quality dogs to show and finish" in less than a week. If all you want is to have a dog to enjoy then I repeat what I said earlier, neuter your boy and open your home to a rescue dog and feel good knowing you saved a life.


i would like to get 2 more basenji's to breed & get pedro nutured!!. but i don't thank that will happen now!! because everybody know's me now with owning pedro!!!!

That is not true… just because you might have started out the wrong way with getting a pet store puppy doesn't mean that you can't learn from that and now learn about the breed and find a mentor ...... first comes from being honest about the one you have... and trying to do better the next time. By taking the responsible action, neutering your boy and raising him as a great family companion is the first step in showing responsible breeders that you want to learn and learn how to move forward.

i didn't ssay yes or no on the one i have to neuter him. but i'm not going to pay 1200. for a dog just because ti has show potenceal!!. thats'crazy. now that i have seen otheer breeder's that have show dogs that don't take resposability's for there dog!!. but it also doesn't mean i can't get 2 more and that are show and breed !, though i would'nt show a dog , because i don't have the time!! doesn't mean i can't breed from the one's from a show basenji!. ever time i'm on here alot of people have been nasty towards me just for asking questions about stuff! that;s not cool at all ! it's like there afraid of someone bredding other then themself's!. i knoow there are some show dog out there that are an arm & a leg to buy. i also know now i have to be careful of where and how i get another basenji.!! and just because i don't have time to show one dosen't mean i can't breed a good basenji either!. well guy's thanks for everythank and all the help, but i have to get to bed now it's late and everyone here is sleeping but me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Please read this carefully. Tanza & Lvoss have been doing this a long time. They know what they are talking about. I've had basenjis for 3 years now, and I feel I have done a fair amount of research and learning about basenjis. Lvoss & Tanza have both seen me post a lot on this forum and grow and learn, and neither one of them has ever been mean to me, despite my first two basenjis being backyard breeder (same as a petstore) basenjis. In fact, when I found out about Fanconi & another responsible breeder on this same forum was able to tell me that my dog came from a line with fanconi in it, Tanza personally e-mailed back & forth with me, reassuring me and helping me keep my head through the wait. She also provided me with a contact phone number to call when my boy's results were taking longer than my girl's results.
I can guarantee that if I lived closer to Tanza or Lvoss & asked them to mentor me, they would in a heartbeat. If I expressed an interest in breeding, they would both be more than willing to share with me and teach me any and all knowledge they have. BUT they would also give me the harsh realities & truths & questioning that they are giving you, even though they already sort of know me. They TRULY do care about THE BREED AS A WHOLE. If they did not care about the breed, they would not be on this forum answering the mundane repetitive and sometimes stupid questions that the newbies (myself included) ask on a daily basis.
Believe me Pedro, they are looking out for the interests of the breed as a whole, first and foremost. I don't know if you remember when the 101 Dalmations movie came out a few years ago, but a horrible thing happened to Dalmations as a result of that movie. All of a sudden, everybody wanted a Dalmation. Lots of people decided they could make money selling dalmation puppies, and they were right. They made money without doing showing or health testing. They just bred dalmations to dalmations to make more dalmations without regard to conformation or health. The breed as a whole suffered; dalmations were born with poor temperaments, horrible health problems, and ended up in kill shelters in huge numbers when uneducated people who just bought a "cute puppy like the one in the movie" realized they were in over their heads with a live animal that required caring for. Lvoss and Tanza do not want to see this happen to basenjis. So the more they can help educate potential breeders, the better off basenjis are.
Just so you know, I was once idealistic about breeding, too. I got two backyard breeder dogs, and although I knew I wouldn't be breeding those two together or breeding anytime in the near future, I wanted to learn about conformation and health testing before I decided to spay or neuter either of my dogs. Once I realized how much I have yet to learn, I immediately spayed my girl. I realized quality basenjis and good mentors who will help me will always exist, so there was no reason to consider breeding my current dog. So I spayed her and have a wonderful pet.
Now I'm at a new place in my life. After researching more and waiting for the perfect situation, I managed to find a show quality dog from a responsible breeder. I may not ever breed her, BUT if I do decide to breed her someday, her breeder, her sire's breeder, and another local breeder are all willing to help me and guide me and provide information about her full background. I know I don't ever have to worry about questions with health or pedigree, because I can talk to any one of these breeders anytime.
Nobody on here is trying to make you feel like your dog is a crappy dog. They are trying to teach you the difference between a good breeding decision and a poor breeding decision. Its like any hobby. Just because you own a set of golf clubs does not make you a pro golfer. You have to learn and practice and practice and practice and work hard and invest a lot of time and money into it. Maybe one day in the distant future you might be able to make it to the Masters, but in the meantime, if you are not a pro golfer, it doesn't make you a bad person. You could be a great mom, a wonderful friend, an amazing volunteer at a hospital, etc etc, you just aren't a pro golfer. Yes, you could breed your dog, but why? What does he have to offer the breed? Does he have the world's best temperament? Does he fit the standard more perfectly than any other basenji that has ever lived? Does he have great health coupled with decent conformation and great temperament? Or is he just a dog that you love more than the sun and moon? I'm hoping this comment won't offend anybody, but just look at people. All people can technically make babies, but does that mean all people should just because they can?
I hope this makes sense. I think in your rush to be defensive, you are overlooking what people are really trying to say here. They are looking out for the breed's best interests first, and your best interests second. It seems from your posts that you don't have a lot of time or money to spare, and just like with parenting, it is a punishment to the dog (or child) if you don't have resources to devote to their upbringing.
I'm not trying to lecture or judge, and neither are Tanza or Lvoss. But it is not a bad idea to just neuter your current dog regardless of health testing, and then ask them to start mentoring you. It is worth the wait, the time and the effort you put into it, I promise. Some day you will get a truly quality dog and perhaps you will breed it. You will see the difference between a petstore dog and a dog from a responsible breeder. When I got my first basenji, I thought conformation was stupid and pointless, too. Looking back, he is the ugliest basenji I've ever seen. He's a great dog and I wouldn't go back to change the decision to get him for all the gold in the world, but his type of ugly does not need to be spread. He's also a Fanconi carrier.
Tanza & Lvoss really are both trying to help you. This post is just food for thought; it is not meant to upset you.

hi, i guess your right!but i just don't get what is the difference between and show basenji and a petshop basenji!!??? they look the same to me!!!!!!!!!!!. sorry taz, & lovss!!. i know your trying to help me!!, i just dont'get the difference between the basenji's!!. please feel free to help me more!!. and please don't get me wrong , i do truely love the breed, he is my first, and i have had him for 3 yrs; now and still learning things about them!!. but i would like to get another one for a play mate instead of taken him to the dog park!!. if you know or find anyone that has one kinda cheap, a blk& wht female, please let me know & i will get my boy and the girl fixed!!. just need a play mate for him one like him!, he's picky around other tepys of dogs!! is that common too!!!!!?> thanks guys your really cool people here!!!!!!!!!> tas&lovss how long have u guys been doing this ??.

How many basenjis have you met and spent significant time with? Superficially, all basenjis should look pretty much the same, that is whole point of "breed" but when a person spends time around lots of different basenjis, you can start to see the finer points of breed type and the differences even between well bred lines really start to jump out at you. Differences can be in conformation, temperament, and/or health and some may be fairly insignificant and others are huge quality of life issues. As has been stated before some of these even very significant differences like health aren't often noticed by owners until their dogs are older 5+ years old. Poor conformation can lead to dogs breaking down physically but again that isn't going to be seen until the dog is older and whether the owners notice will really depend on the lifestyle of the dog.

I have known dogs who were Fanconi Affected, PRA Affected, Dysplastic. I have also known dogs who have broken down as they aged and developed severe arthritis because of their structural faults.

I would urge you to take a look at this site on evaluating puppies,

Can you see the differences between the puppies in the Virtual Puppy Evaluation? Which would be your pick puppy and why?

probly girl$ or bot !. there not al strech out in there standing. but ththey all look healthy!!!!.what ones would you pick and why>?

Sorry, but there is no girl 4.

sorry girl 2 and boy 2 or 3.

Carrie, that was a great post 🙂 But sometimes the best information still falls on deaf ears.

This thread makes me think that someone is trying to rile people up.


This thread makes me think that someone is trying to rile people up.

I got the same idea, but I thought that anybody who has ever felt "attacked" on this forum, could benefit from the different perspective. I liked the golf analogy haha.

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