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I know some of the dogs that have been used for breeding for petstore dogs. Do you have the names of the sire and dam of your dog and the breeder's name, city and state? Would they happen to go back to Tankersley's, WL's, and/or Reedgate's kennels?

I did a reverse pedigree on Omar's They Call Me Junior and one can follow it to the Misty Mountain kennel. Some of their Bs went to rescue and the remainder went to other breeders, Tankersley, Reed, Choate-all commercial breeders. I saw some of these dogs at the dog auctions.


omar's they call me junior is in his pedagree!!!! was omars his parents names are sire; king tut of wolf creek and dam; pebbles of wolf creek !. can you get that to me on here!????????

i'll be back on in about an hour!!.getting my daughter ready for bed!!.

It will be interesting to see if Jennifer can help pedro find out about his basenji.

Choate!!! Thats my daughters last name and it's not a common name!!. There in kentukry or tennasee?.

she names one of the puppies in his pedagree, and i thank the lady that took him to the pat store her last name was reed, i will have to check him other papers!!. it has the breeder 's name on it!!. i thank it's marthia or margret reed!.

got to get some sleep i sent the test in and i can't stop thanking about it and i have 2-3 weeks till i know anythang! this is killing me here!!!!!!>

Pedro, we have a great support group here. We will be happy for you when the test comes back good.
Gee, you really got on the ball re these tests…good for you.

doing the test one at a time. but i have to knoe !! i don't want no surpises with him.

hi there jennifer, here is the breeder matha j. reed,sire: J'S BLAZYING GLORY,DAM: HISTYLE. THIS IS HIS PARENTS.


hi there jennifer, here is the breeder matha j. reed,sire: J'S BLAZYING GLORY,DAM: HISTYLE. THIS IS HIS PARENTS.

Is he (your pup) AKC registered (American Kennel Club)?

my boy is pedro!, that's his mom and dad.but my boy is apri.reg,

Then your puppy cannot be shown in conformation shows.

In order to show in conformation, your dog must AKC registered. APRI is a registry used by breeders who did not want to follow AKC's rules. Either breeding dogs that were designated non-breeding by the breeder with limited registration or refusing to do DNA profiles on frequently used sires to prove paternity.

do you mean sire's used afor as inbreeding.

Frequently used sires refers to breeding. AKC requires that any male dog that produces 3 litters in a calendar year or 7 litter in a lifetime to have a DNA profile on record with AKC.


do you mean sire's used afor as inbreeding.

No, it means that the registery that he is registered with was set up by a bunch of different "for profit" breeders that did not want to conform with AKC's policy for breeders that do "many, many" breedings with the same dogs, year after year after year, as in Puppy Mill breeders. They are required to do DNA parentage testing with AKC, but they did not want the cost of the DNA tests cutting into their profits. Has nothing to do with inbreeding, it means that they just pump out puppies to sell for a profit.

wouldnt'i have other litter's information if J'Sblazing glory had other litters!???? specialy if i did a 5 generation of my boy.!?

No. APRI does not make that information public. Pedigrees only show direct ancestors, they do not show offspring.

The only way that information is shared is if the owners of dogs from those litters choose to make that information public. Such as sharing their Dog's Name, Registration Number, Date of Birth, Color, Gender, Sire, and Dam so it can be included in Sally's pedigree database so everyone has access.

Mar J's Blazing Glory sired at least 2 other litters, both AKC registered. Your dog's litter is not in the database and who knows how many others may have been sired but no one with offspring has submitted information.

Histyle whelped at least 1 other AKC litter. Again, she may have had more litters but no one has submitted the information to be included in the database.

And in looking at Mar J's Blazin Glory, he is really well line bred back to Bojak's Undercover Kojak. Just look at the pedigree at Queen Katie of Wolf Creek who is in the pedigree three times, his Sire's grandfather's Dam, His Sire's grandmother's great great dam and in his Mothers (Misty MNTS Miss Munchkin) she is her Dam. And she goes back to Bojak's Undercover Kojak, so the pedigree is really load on the sires side with possible Fanconi.

On your pups Dam side it is all Puppy Mill breeding with no health testing.

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