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Like you said before there aren't test for other thing either!!. So how would you know if your basenji's dont carrie some other type of diseases, then if there aren't any other testing then the one's i already know of. And are going to do before i do breed !. I would like to do a serch on your basenji's and go back 5 generation's if possibel?. Most people cant'ven go back that far to get names i'm sorry if im being b~~~chy but all im getting from people is he's already being labeled no good for no reason that i can see so far ! If his parents where carrier's then most likely he would be one too!. Who know's i might get a total shocker and his test come back that he has it!!!. Hopefully not!.i dont'know on the test yet ! I'm waiting to get it and see what happens first. Then i will decide if to breed!!. But you can't tell me that ther aren't people out there that will test and it comes back that the dog has it and breed anyways! . That wrong to do !! I agree on that but till i know what his test is i dont'know what i'm going to do!. But i bet even if i got a basenji that was clear and the generation was too people would still tell me not to because it still compation for other breeders.!!. Please tell me im wrong on that. I can tell you one person right now that lie about there basenji's and do breed them!!. That to me is very wrong! And i wouldn't do that or put someone through that type of deal. ! If i do breed him and the puppies are infected then i have to deal with that and keep them!. But if he has puppies and there clear then i would sell them . But i would also be honest to the people getting them,!. And not doing it just for money.

Yes, there ARE other tests.

You can do a blood test to see if your dog has low levels of thyroid hormone. This is a hereditary condition known to be recessive which means a dog can have normal thyroid function but still produce offspring that are hypothyroidism. Untreated hypothyroidism causes several serious side effects including agression, skin conditions, obesity, joint issues, and seizures.

You can x-ray hips to see if the dog has normal hip sockets but dogs can have normal hip sockets and still produce severe dysplasia. The best way to prevent hip dysplasia is to only breed dogs that come from families of OFA GOOD and EXCELLENTS which requires you to know the hip results of the parents and siblings.

You can have your dog's eyes checked by a veterinary opthamalogist who can detect changes in the eyes due to hereditary disease. Many diseases of the eyes are progressive and require yearly checks. Many of the diseases are recessive meaning that a dog can have normal eyes and still produce the disease. The only way to know the likelihood of their carrying the genes for the disease is to know the health status of the parents.

Basenji disorders are late onset, you won't know when the puppy is born if it is affected. In some cases it takes 5 or more years for the disease to manifest.

got you at one that it dont'matter if the parents hsve good or excellint resaults and that wil the hip!!. my brother had a cattle dog pure breed and the parents where tested and proved it with pappers but my brothers still got hip displasia!!. it's the same if a child has leg perthes!!. how odd is that!?> i just found that out 3 yrs ago. but i'm going to get him tested for all of these. brfore i do anything with him.

OFA's Recommended Breeding Principals for Hip Dysplasia

Breed normals to normals
Breed normals with normal ancestry
Breed normals from litters (brothers/sisters) with a low incidence of HD
Select a sire that produces a low incidence of HD
Replace dogs with dogs that are better than the breed average

The bolded statements require that you know the health testing results of dogs in your dog's pedigree meaning parents, grand parents, great grand parents. It also requires that you know the status of siblings.

For more detailed information about breeding away from inherited disease when only phenotypic testing is available, read this article

Responsible breeders, breed dogs from known pedigrees with generations of health testing in order to reduce risk of producing disease.

Just because someone produces puppies and sells them does not make them responsible.

what is this breed normals tobrother /sister that right there in breeding!!!>


what is this breed normals tobrother /sister that right there in breeding!!!>

I don't think you are understanding this very well, it doesn't say breed brothers and sisters, it says that you should breed litters that the brothers and sister have a low rate of HD.

In order to do that, you need to know the history of a dogs sire/dam, grand sire/dam, siblings (brothers and sisters)

And I have quite a few "clears" that are show and performance champions that for other different reasons I never bred. So it is very true that just because they are clear for Fanconi there are a number of other factors that go into deciding the breed.


I would like to do a serch on your basenji's and go back 5 generation's if possibel?.

Easy enough to do, just take the names of any of my dogs or lvoss dogs (from our websites) and go to

You can find way more then just 5 generations.

And responsible breeders do NOT consider other responsible breeders competition … as there is no money to be made by breeding and placing puppies if you are a responsible breeder

so basicly he's being labled a bad basenji just because i don't know much about his back ground!, and he hasn't even gotten the test done yet!< but there are still things that he can get ,that all basenji's can get but there are no test to get done to see!. and your selling your basenji's with out the test but your saying your basenji's are complete healthy!. i don't get it!! if i sound like i'm being nastey then just tell me to shut up!!.

your selling the puppies so that tells me there is money invaled in the breed!!.


you don't know and i dont know for sure till the test is done!!. and if it comes back clear there is still a possibility that after a few litters there still might be one that has it . and when that time comes i'll have to deal with it !, not anyone else!!. why are you so bent set on telling me i shouldnt breed him!???

Unless you're keeping all the puppies you breed, you are not the only one dealing with it. The person who will deal with it the most is going to be the owner of the puppy with "it". I've had a dog with hip dysplasia and I've had a dog fall over dead at 5 years old. The breeder of either dog did not deal with the heart ache or anything else for that matter. (For those of you who know my basenjis, neither of those dogs were basenjis.)

Why are people telling you you should not breed? Because they've been in the breed for so long and seen so much. Because they are involved in rescue. Because they love the breed more than they love one individual.

Why do conformation shows? Because it trains your eye, it forces you to look at other basenjis. I've been to shows where competitors just grumble because they didn't win, but a better use of that time is to look at what the judge does. Find good points with every dog in the ring. Find what you'd like to improve in every dog. If you just stay home and only look at your own dog, you're not getting a very good/broad picture of the breed. A Ch infront of a dog's name says someone other than his owner thought him a worthy, quality basenji. (Everyone thinks they have quality basenji.) THAT'S why I show even when I'd rather be doing performance venues.

Why do performance? Because I enjoy it. Because the dogs enjoy it. Because I enjoy the process of training my basenjis. But it also proves that my dogs can do something other than look pretty. I think lure coursing is very valuable in a breeding program (especially for someone new at breeding) because it shows a breeder is preserving the drives that should be in this breed.


your selling the puppies so that tells me there is money invaled in the breed!!.
click on the link that says "Puppy Prices"

one of his g.g.g grandparents is bojac"s undercover kojak, omar they call me junior, undercover christmas carol!!. on the dad's side.i don't know how to find and information on the generation ,i have the back ground of him with all the names but dont'know how to find them and to see what they have been tested for!!.


one of his g.g.g grandparents is bojac"s undercover kojak, omar they call me junior, undercover christmas carol!!. on the dad's side.i don't know how to find and information on the generation ,i have the back ground of him with all the names but dont'know how to find them and to see what they have been tested for!!.

I believe that we have told you how to look for health tests. Go to and put in the dogs name or registration number, if the tests were done, they are on that site as public information

No one said you have a "bad" dog, only that maybe he is not the quality to be bred. And I have never made a dime on a litter and placing puppies, I have never covered my costs of raising a litter. I was lucky one time to break even. But that is not the reason for breeding, making money it is for improving the breed for future generations.

We have given you many different links to learn about the breed, learn about the health testing, learn about pedigrees and health testing results. And about what the real cost of raising a litter is about. Please use them and learn about the breed before considering breeding. Breeding is NOT just about one health test.

To check health testing you go to and type in the name of the dog you want to find. Be very careful to get spelling correct or it won't come up. If nothing comes up and your spelling is correct then the dog was not health tested.

The further back in the pedigree the less likely they are to have been Fanconi tested but breeders who have been in the breed a long time may have known the owner or breeder of the dogs and know if they were Affected.

Here is the OFA listing of Bojak's Undercover Kojak,

I found it by typing in Bojak into the search box on the OFA site.

i found it too!!!! saying he's a carrier it still dont'mean mine has it or is a carrier. but i can't get any information on the rest!maken me p.o'd on this that i can find anything else!!!!!> keep checkin here.

it's going to take forever but i'm doing all the names on this 5 generation pedagree here!!.

If you can't find the others it is because they were not tested.

Breeders who sell to petstores do not usually health test, it cuts into profits. They get their money up front and do not care if the puppy becomes ill after they have their money.

the only way i kcan find out is to add there names one after the other. because on him pedagree it don't say on there if there tested or no!!.

Actually, if you looked at Bojak's Undercover Kojak's OFA listing it has all his health tested offspring. If the dog that is behind your dog isn't in that list then it wasn't tested.

You only have to type in every name if only 1 or 2 dogs were ever tested. In the case of a petstore dog, your right you will probably have to type in every name and you will probably find only a couple that were ever tested because puppymills who supply petstores don't test.

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