OK, I guess it was 'good-news/bad news.'

We had high hopes that one or more of the litter would be clear; Mom is clear, but Dad is a carrier.

3 of the 5 pups have now been tested; all carriers. šŸ˜ž

The good news is that our brindle girl, Amina, tested as a carrier. I was dreading her results as her mother had Fanconiā€¦

Unfortunately, that leaves us with only one girl in our house that is clear. We are waiting for the owners of the other 2 puppies in the litter to send in the blood. We had already asked the boy's people if we can collect him before he's neutered if he is clear and they've agreed.

Congratulations on Amina's results.

I know how tough it is as a breeder to get those carrier results. It is not an easy road but for some of us we may be working with carriers for several generations before we get Clears. I am lucky and half my intact animals were Clear and half were Carriers but I know that I may be working with Carriers for several generations depending on how my luck goes.

Congratulations on the resultsā€¦they may not be the MOST thrilling, but at least you know how to breed from here. Even a carrier, if important to the next generation can be bread to a is such a joy to have the marker tests and to be able to plan better for the next coule generations.

I am so proud of folks posting the fanconis test results.
The breeders of our beloved breed are just a wonderful, educated group.
I am happy to support quality basenji breeders.

That's good news on Amini and hopefully the boy will be clear. While not the best news on the other pupsā€¦at least you know where to go from here and maybe the next litter will have mostly clears.

My first thought was "Great! None of her dogs will develop Fanconi." But as a non-breeder I forget that the carrier status complicates your life when it comes to making breeding decisions. Good luck and I really applaud all of you breeders who care because we all know that there are those who don't care and therefore refuse to find out


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