Pink Basenji

Yeah… so we were painting our daughters room and put all the disposable supplies into a trashbag. we thought the door was closed tight... apparently not!


Basenji Mix

😃 OMG!! Looks like it is bath night for sure! You're quick with the camera - thanks for the laugh. 😃

HaHahahahahah! Oah My Gosh!!!! What a sight to see! I really hope it comes off but it is really funny 🙂

oh wow thats good lol yea good luck with the bath

priceless photo! toooo funny! thanks for sharing that!

That's just what is happening when you are being too curious 😃


LOL… had to laugh !!! I have got to get a digital camera for these KODAK moments !!! I might add she looks good in pink... (hope it comes off easy)

aww i cant see the pic, but it sounds great…

OMG that is too funny

YEAY i can see it now, GREAT pic, lol.

The expression on that face is PRICELESS! LOL
That is NOT a happy camper.

Is something wrong with my settings? I can't see the picture! 😕

OMG!! I'm so glad I get to finally see it! I kept checking back!! Too funny!

Looks so sorry to have dug in the trash. I sure hope you got it off, poor baby!!!!

Curiosity didn't get the cat, it got the Basenji! LOL!

Too cute!

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