• Hi There,

    Fab news today, little Maya won the Pet Plan Junior Stakes class at Leeds Champ Show today!! Fantastic result there anyway as My is only 7 months so the others were much older, most nearly 18 months i think!

    But anyway, we have to travel back up to Leeds tomorrow (3hours each way…fun lol) to compete against the winner from yesterday and the winner tomorrow to see who qualifies for the finals 🙂 Its a fairly prestigious thing so we're pleased just to have won our day, and im not expecting much tomorrow but we might never win it again so we've gotta go lol!

    So if we can have all the Good Luck vibes aimed in this direction please....!!!! It would be much appreciated.

    There will be pics on monday whatever the result, photographer (my mums OH) coming with us.


  • Fantastic news Jess, Maya is gorgeous i'm sure she will do well tomorrow.
    The very best of wishes coming your way .

  • That's wonderful news! Congrats and all the luck of the world for tomorrow!! Can't wait to see the pics!

  • Yes I saw the results:D

    Lots of good luck vibes from us:D

  • Fingers and toes crossed for you with thoughts of the very best of luck. Congratulations.

  • Lots of Luck for tomorrow. x

  • Lots of luck. Have a great time!

  • Good luck, good luck! High hopes for pretty lil' Maya.

  • Congrats and good luck!

  • Good luck today; hope the weather holds for you.

  • good luck today Maya and Jess - This is the first time i have missed Leeds show for years, such a pity we lost the tickets at it.

  • Houston

    Good luck today. We are sending good vibes from Texas, hoping things go your way today…

  • good Luck!!!

  • cross my fingers for you both!!!

  • Thanks everyone!!

    Well, it was an exhausting weekend. 12 hours in the car in all (thank goodness Maya travels so well!!!) and it was rather wet and muddy yesterday. Maya, as i expected, didnt get anything. The other two were much older than her lol!! But it was such an honour to be able to go back and represent the breed on the final day, and if i may say so, i think Maya did a fine job of it! Obviously, after only 6 weeks of showing it was going to be a bit overwhelming for her. It was held in the Best in Show ring just before the final days Group judging and Best in Show judging so there was a big crowd of people about 2 or 3 rows deep all around the ring which was rather daunting for me, never mind Maya! Each of the three days winners went in and did a lap of the ring as they were being announced while there was a LOT of clapping (very very loud in the middle of the ring lol) so i thought that might make Maya go into panic mode, but i was so proud that all she did was break into "canter" for about two strides, then settled back into a beautiful trot! She really did show well. She was rather interested in all the people around the ring watching her (little show off!!) so didnt stand as nicely as usual as she kept looking around. But all things considered i think she did really well!! Im certainly very proud of her and it was worth the 6 hour round trip yesterday to get her in the big ring and see how she handled it! I think she handled it as well as any other 7 month old puppy would 😃

  • We have been waiting to hear how you did! At least she didn't show you up like a certain dog that I won't name but lives in my household! She did us proud, well done.

  • Well done; she showed the breed in a very good light especially considering her tender age.

  • @moetmum:

    We have been waiting to hear how you did! At least she didn't show you up like a certain dog that I won't name but lives in my household! She did us proud, well done.

    Oh dear! :p

    I was really pleased with her though, she always tries her best, and she is such a nice dog to show, im really having fun with it! 😃 It was just so nice of the judge to put her through and give us the opportunity to go in the Big Ring, he must have liked her 😃

  • Well done Jess and Maya, she still did well especialy after such a lot of travel and a tiring weekend. She is only a baby and already she is doing brilliantly !

  • I'm glad she did you and the breed proud:D It's all good experience for her being in the big ring, I can only dream about:rolleyes:

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