• I saw some posts on another list regarding the BCOC (Basenji Club of Canada) specialty and realized the location (Sarnia) is a doable drive for me. So, I think I'm going to look into going to it in July.

    My interpretation from the CKC site is that all I would need is the Event Registration Number (ERN) and would not have to go through the full CKC registration process. That would avoid some hassle since I likely won't be trying to get her Canadian championship. I could do the registration as I think her chip is compliant with the Canadian requirements (it would just take a while to do the paperwork). Does that sound right to other people who have done the same thing?

  • interesting, and you can only bring unopened dog food into Canada, and once you open it, you can't bring it back.

  • As far as I know (by how the rules were a few years ago) you are correct Clay. All you need to finish a dog is an ERN number. You don't even need that to show the dog…but you want to apply for it after she wins a point, or else you will lose any points accrued. Usually I wait to get an ERN until the dog wins a point....that way no money lost if I choose to not show the dog in Canada again.

    Canadian shows are sooo fun...and the people in the BCOC are really nice and welcoming, and the prizes are awesomely generous. I always enjoy it so much when we can make it to their National.

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