Entering US Dogs in Canada

I saw some posts on another list regarding the BCOC (Basenji Club of Canada) specialty and realized the location (Sarnia) is a doable drive for me. So, I think I'm going to look into going to it in July.

My interpretation from the CKC site is that all I would need is the Event Registration Number (ERN) and would not have to go through the full CKC registration process. That would avoid some hassle since I likely won't be trying to get her Canadian championship. I could do the registration as I think her chip is compliant with the Canadian requirements (it would just take a while to do the paperwork). Does that sound right to other people who have done the same thing?

interesting, and you can only bring unopened dog food into Canada, and once you open it, you can't bring it back.

As far as I know (by how the rules were a few years ago) you are correct Clay. All you need to finish a dog is an ERN number. You don't even need that to show the dog…but you want to apply for it after she wins a point, or else you will lose any points accrued. Usually I wait to get an ERN until the dog wins a point....that way no money lost if I choose to not show the dog in Canada again.

Canadian shows are sooo fun...and the people in the BCOC are really nice and welcoming, and the prizes are awesomely generous. I always enjoy it so much when we can make it to their National.

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