Showing in Canada/Canadian Championship

**I was reading an older thread about someone winning a 2 pt major in Canada.
That have me confused.

I lived and showed in Canada years and years ago, and we didn't need
to have any majors then. Just 10 points, can be 10 singles beating
one other dog in 10 shows, VIOLA, you got your Canadian Championship.

I know that the CKC is talking about adding a "major" requirement to
make the championship a bit more challenging.
So what is the new requirement now?
How does one obtain a Canadian Championship?
Maybe I should google it before I ask, but I figure those who show
in Canada can explain it to me a little bit better.

THANKS in advance! :rolleyes:**

Hi Stef-how have you been. I haven't seen much of you in the last couple of years. You probably don't remember me though. I'm usually with Lynn Arrand and Sue Wilcox.

If your dog is CKC registered, we require 10 points including at least one 'major' (two points or more). It's not super hard to obtain a championship-unless you have a black as I do. Black is pretty well always dead last. But now they do require one two point win.

The only problem is that we kind of have to co-ordinate a show. Since there aren't many of us, we get together and decide which shows we will be entering. It's more like a friendly event than competition. It's fun and a social event for us if you can imagine.

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