UPDATE: Basenji "Nano" in MO

  • Talk about a disappointment. I spoke with the Franklin Co. Humane Society and they sent me an application for Nano's adoption. Filled it out and now, four days later, recieved this in an e-mail:

    _Hi Andrew,

    I was just getting ready to call you actually. The Basenji was returned to his owner on Sunday. He had come in as a stray, and had been here for quite a while. The owner had been looking for him, but had not come in to fill out a "Lost Dog Report".

    We were very happy for him to be returned to his owner, however, you would have been our choice for his new home.

    With your permission, we will keep you in mind if we have another basenji come in.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


    Jennifer Buescher

    FCHS Office Manager_

    I'm just disappointed a little bit frustrated. I spoke with the woman over the phone, (Not Jennifer) and was told Nano was an owner surrender. The different stories confuses me and makes me think something else was wrong. Perhaps the distance scared them away?

  • Andrew,

    I am sorry this happened, I know you must have been excited at the prospect of Nano as a new addition to your home.

    I don't think that the distance or anything else scared them off because they want to keep you in mind in case another B comes in. I think more likely due to the way shelters frequently run that the first person you talked to didn't have all the facts straight.

    I know you will find the right B to add to your 'pack'. And it will be worth all the waiting.

    Give Shango a scratch from us over here in Illinois.

  • Houston

    Sorry Andrew and Shango. I am glad the owner found his dog, but sad for you guys, since you had also "found" him..I am sure their will be another lovely dog coming you way soon. I know you probably already have looked, but here it is again…what about BRAT?

  • It does seem a bit confusing because the stories you were told are conflicting. I don't know how Mo works but in California if you have not claimed your dog after a given amount of time you can not and only after that time are they put up for adoption. You had orginally been told Nano had been there for something like a month. So the owner claiming him now seems off. It may be that they "accidently" adopted him out over the weekend and rather than admit that told you he was claimed by the owner.

  • I am very sorry but at least the good news is he got a home. No more cage and just people around you now a family.

    Rita Jean

  • After all you've been through, I'm really sorry about the outcome. They have no idea what they missed out on by passing you by.

    Something about the whole thing sounds awfully fishy to me. I heard of some adoption agencies that end up spinning a "tall tale" when someone offers more money to adopt or an extra "donation" to the facility.

    I pray the dog really went to the original owner, but I have my doubts.

  • Houston

    Ivoss, you have a great point..now when I think about it, it does sounds very fishy…hmm

  • @Basenjimamma:

    Ivoss, you have a great point..now when I think about it, it does sounds very fishy…hmm

    I thought so too. I sent an e-mail make to them in reply, that I admit, was quite short and rather abrasive. Jennifer let me know that I was absolutely their first choice and that she wishes very much it could have worked out in my favor.

    It makes me feel a bit better and there's nothing I can do now; just send positive thoughts and energy that Nano really DID make it to his original home. 🙂

  • Houston

    Good for you Andrew..positive thought it is..being the better
    (hu)man is always better..

  • Sorry this happened to you and the dog. I do think that most dogs do find the final family they are suspose to be with.
    It might take some time, and there might be issues, but home is something we all seek, and when its right, we all know.

  • Is your B a male? ….. for some reason I thought that was the case... and if so.. you really should be looking for a bitch to add to your pack... If I am wrong about that, sorry... but if not... maybe this was a blessing...

  • Andrew, I'm sorry you weren't able to meet Nano.
    Keep your eyes open and you'll find another.

    I now have three Basenjis and am NEVER going to look at petfinder.com again…;)

  • I'm sorry things didn't work out.

    However, this one is awfully cute if you're still looking

  • Or if someone is looking for a golden oldie



    And this one reminds me so much of my old man, so I know she's a good dog. (My brindle boy has never destroyed anything other than a dog bed and some dog toys and has always from less than a year old, been loose in the house when I go out. That and a bunch of titles like you would not believe.)


    And curses to the person who told me through subliminal messages that I need to go look at basenjis on Petfinder.

  • I clicked on the cite and was flabbergasted! 14 pounds!! She must have been neglected or abused. My first guy barley got over 20 pounds but my understanding is that is a result of treatment for heartworm. Skinny butt he was but lived to 16 years. 14 pounds is just wrong.

  • Andrew, I'm sorry to hear that things didn't work out. I hope that he is in a good loving home, whomever it's with. And don't worry, you will find Shango's perfect mate!

  • AndrewnShango, did you see the post about the brindle in WVA? Have you tried BRAT?

  • @tanza:

    Is your B a male? ….. for some reason I thought that was the case... and if so.. you really should be looking for a bitch to add to your pack... If I am wrong about that, sorry... but if not... maybe this was a blessing...

    It's not impossible for two basenji males to live together. And actually, the only times Shango has ever had "spats" with other dogs, only twice, they were both female.

  • When we got Eddie, Topper and he bonded very closely. Ed is his "wingman", and defends Topper when necessary. Two boys (neutered) will likely get along better than 2 girls! We know other people with 2 boys who really get along wonderfully.

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