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    Does this boy look like a Basenji or Basenji mix? Not a very good pix.

  • Ok Vicki you can stop now this boy is in my backyard. I will call and see what I can find out on Monday and see if I can go see him.

    Rita Jean

  • @Rita:

    Ok Vicki you can stop now this boy is in my backyard. I will call and see what I can find out on Monday and see if I can go see him.

    Rita Jean

    I was hoping you would say that!
    I'm about ready to make another trip!!;)

  • What are you talking about another trip????
    I have called this morning and had to leave a message I am waiting for them to call me back. If I do not heard from them by noon or so I will call them back.

    Rita Jean

  • I just got a call on the boy Basenji here in Missouri and yesterday while one of people were walking him he got away. He did go home however they called and told them they were going to bring him back.
    Before my call a Tonya from BRAT in Mountain Grove, Mo had called and said she was looking for a place and would call them back. Tonya also told them to only walk him with a Martingale Collar.
    The lady I spoke with said if they bring him back he has to be heart wormed checked and all shots and fixed before he can leave.


    I told the lady we had just gotten our Basenji In March however in all my years with different breeds I have never seen people care so much about there breed and to see that they got homes.
    She came back and said in all time she has done this never not once has any breed group ever called like the call from BRAT today.

    I ask if she kept records were she could call if they were to ever get another Basenji or mix Basenji and she took my name and number. I also ask her if she knew anything about them and she said no. So I told her if it was all right if they ever need someone to come and talk to looking new owners to call. I would come over and talk to them and tell them a little about Basenjis and forum for questions and answers. Just maybe if one left for its new home it would be forever.

    Again to all of you that have done this for so long. Thank You. Any of you know of Tonya in Mo?

    Rita Jean

    Rita Jean

  • Rita - I'm glad you are concerned about the Basenji in MO. I was hoping you would be.

    When I said I was ready for another trip, I was kinda joking about driving to get another Basenji. I've driven all over the country to pick up my three little darlings…you helped with Rocky.

    It is always tempting to take in another one.

  • I was joking to like good we get to see Vicki again. Please do hot hope that I would be concerned I am and will do what ever to help always. Just tell me one ours is in trouble and needs help get to it.
    I will call and check back on him and see for sure all is well. Thanks for the post or I never would have known.

    Rita Jean

  • I know Tanya!!! that is who we got Jonny b. from . She is AWESOME. She also helped us get Hansel! She is truly fantastic.

  • Thank you for telling me she is nice. I think Bullet going to need some kindess and love. Sad when a dog goes back home and then your not wanted.

    Rita Jean

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