Harley, the "forum basenji" has found a home!

  • Yea!:)

    The foster to adopt family fell in love with Harley and don't want him to go anywhere…he has found a new home!

    All the kids are older, some out of the house and the parents of the wife live close by and raise and show another breed, which I can't remember right now:o But here is the post I recieved today.

    Here is what the new family wrote...oh, its a blended family, total members is 8,

    Crystal wrote...

    Not that this will come as a surprise to you, but it has become apparent that Harley has chosen us as his new family (& we agree with the decision). It was an 8 to 0 family vote last night in favor of this guy becoming a permanent member of the family.

    He seems particularly attached to me (Crystal) already- yesterday I got in the shower and shut the bathroom door and my hubby finally came up and asked if we could leave it open as Harley was pacing the living room and up & down the stairs whining. As soon as we left the bathroom door open and he could see me, he was just fine! We can't get over what a cuddle bug he is. His favorite spot seems to be tightly wedged between me & Alex while we're sitting on the couch.

    We took him on a nice long walk yesterday and he did well. We also had an extended family get together that involved lots of adults, kids & a few dogs & he did beautifully! Our family kept saying how good he was & how well behaved. 2 neighbors have come over to get a better look & compliment on what a beautiful dog he is. We tried out the crate for part of our family gathering (he was in for about 40 min.- we were just down the street) and he whined a bit but did ok.

    I'm off to PetSmart today to get him some better food and a permanent water dish and hopefully a tag with his new address (the kids are really worried about this).

    Thanks so much for your help. It honestly went a lot faster than we were expecting, but with great results! I've taken a few pics and I'll take a few more and then forward them to you.

    -crystal & alex & kids

    So again, thank you folks..YOU all did right by this boy.

  • That is wonderful news!!!!! 😃
    Im so glad forum members could come together and save this boy.
    Thank you so much for everyone involved and we can't wait to see pictures of Harley

  • As soon as I get some photos, I will share them.
    I just can't believe how well this turned out.
    YOU ALL DID Good!
    Hugs to everyone, expecally JoNell, who say the ad and decided she had to do something!
    A friend says it takes a village to do rescue.
    Its really true.

  • That's fantastic! Harley has 8 more angels - "lucky dog"!

  • This boy will never be lonely.
    The mom is stay at home, with some children still living in, some coming to sleep over and extended family close by.
    So, really, with this boys sweet temperment, he will always have a warm bed to snuggle into.
    I love happy beginnings!

  • How wonderful!! It was meant to be!! Harley probably knew he was really home before the rest of them did. 😃


  • 🙂
    I posted this to JoNell privately, and it seems to me that I need to post this to each one of you who sent $$ in to help Harley.

    Also, to the admin of forum, as you all have made a change for good for b's in need all over the country. I wrote to JoNell and am adding you all in on this…....

    THANK you for not letting this boy go to just "anyone".
    I have done rescue for so long, so many I couldn't save, when you posted to me, I just sighed and prayed that he would go to a good home, then tried not to think about him.
    YOU did something, something good.
    Our of your reaction to this, and posting him to the forum, you not only save this boy, but you made it possible for folks who care, like YOU did, to ask forum to help b's and see if others will send $$$.
    So, what you did was not only GREAT big for this boy, you started a chain reaction so we can help dogs in the future.
    THAT is HUGE.
    YOU did this.
    In my mind, dear, you have earned your stars in heaven.
    now, when you see a basenji being saved by the forum folks you will know YOU did this.
    Bless your heart.

    Bless all your hearts who trusted us enough to send $$ to someone you have not met, for a dog who isn't really your responsibilty. We can save a few more b's who don't have to be passed to uninformed owners...All because of you all.:D

  • Basenji owners have big hearts, lots of room to love, to forgive <g>, and to reach out for other special dogs in need. JoNell is my Hero, she acted when others of us just waited and worried, she rallied the troops (yea, troops!) and now a very nice dog has a good life in front of him. Hugs to you all!

    Anne in Tampa</g>

  • This is great, thank you to all the forum members who contributed to this effort.

  • It was the collective effort that made this happen. Actually,I think TuckerVa was the one who got the money ball rollin', and then wow! it all just took off!

    Thanks to everyone, esp. for taking that huge leap of faith and trusting me with your money!!!

    Awesome crowd!!

  • I'm so glad to hear he has found his home 🙂 I can't wait to see more photos!

  • Thanks everyone for your help in bringing Harley "home". I've posted an intro to our family (in Introductions) & some pics (in Show off your dog). It was super fun finding the original thread posted by JoNell and reading about how Harley came to us.

    I hope to be able to "pay it forward" someday and help another beautiful boy (or girl) just like Harley get to his/her forever home.


    -from Harley's new fam.

  • I just love Happy Endings! Or Happy Beginnings, more correctly!
    Anne in Tampa

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