Basenji mix in MO needs an adopter

RESCUE: Holden MO URGENT: Sweet 4 month old Basenji left to die in …
By secondchancecanines
ACO of Holden, MO has asked for help in finding good rescue help/transfer for this very sweet (scared right now) Basenji Mix. They estimate she is about 4-5 months old and does not appear to be spayed. She was brought in with four other ...
Second Chance Canines -

I don't know how much basenji is in this girl, or maybe she is a poorly bred full blooded b, hard to tell by the photos, but wanted to share them in case anyone can go get her.

Where on the page? I can't find her.


she's on the 2nd page at top


Poor little girl..I so wish I could take in more is not enough space in my home..

Awww. Such a cute little girl.

I think that we would be a good foster for a dog like her, or one of the FL dogs. We have experience working with pathologically shy dogs. We have an already established relationship with a great local trainer, and with a veterinary behaviorist. We have 3 dogs here to help with the socialization.

But we have 3 dogs, and a fourth coming within the year. I'm afraid my heart is bigger than what we can really handle. I'm also afraid because there is no guarantee she will be adopted. If I knew it was short-term, and she could go to another place after a few months of work, I would be much more inclined to jump at the chance to foster.
But, with the cats we foster, one has been here a year (tomorrow will be a year actually), and another we finally gave in and adopted after 2 years of swearing we wouldn't. The "normal" cats get adopted quickly (we have had about 10 go through our house, with the longest staying 6 mos.), but the behavior cases that need socialization and desensitization/counter conditioning work tend to stay.

We have only had 2 foster dogs, and they were great and found great homes, but we are running out of friends to convince to adopt dogs. 🙂


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