Otis is 6 mo old.

Otis had an intense birthday party yesterday…he was 6 mo. old after all. We had some delicious treats and some fun playtime (even a chicken got involved) and after that we rested so very comfortably on mom's quiet room couch..
In the picture is Otis, Gus (Dachshund), and Bana (our foster).

Don't you just love those devil eyes??

Very cute photo. Thanks for sharing.

Great picture… Those eyes... I can look for hours at such a lovely B 😃

Congrats on his 6months birthday 😉

Congrats Otis!! Very cute pic!

What a great picture!

Great picture - such intensity in a B's eyes.

Happy birthday otis

Happy birthday Otis, looks like you enjoyed your party!

Congrats! I just looove his colour 🙂

Adorable! Happy 6mos., Otis!


Thanks all for his congrats, I will relay them to him..he is mighty pooped, we just came back form his OB classes…and guess what, the trainer says she is pretty darned amazed as to how well he is doing. She "says" that none of her other B has done as much as he is already doing...although he is not really doing that much..loose leash walking, coming when called (with no nice smelling squirrels, chickens or other wild things disturbing him that is..)sit/down/stays, as well as leave its..so far so good. As long as he is enjoying learning and we can use some of the commands I am pretty satisfied, my most important one being coming when called...!!

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