• First Basenji's

    Here is my little boy Pharaoh - 6 months old…SOOOO handsome!

  • Pharoah is certainly a handsome boy - love his wrinkles!

  • Hi there! I have to post a picture of Kai (Pharoah's brother) soon. It is so funny, as clear and white as Pharoah's white parts are, Kai is completely spotty with ticking and mottling. His stomach is predominately dark spots. It is actually pretty cute - my daughter says he looks like ranch dressing.

    His sister, Willow, is the opposite - clear, clear white with no freckles at all. The female that the breeder kept is spotty like Kai. I guess you never know how it is going to turn out, since when we got them, there was no freckling at all (although Kai did have a little ticking).

    Kai and Pharaoh do look alike, besides the spots - they all held on to those wrinkles really well. How much does he weigh now? Kai is a beefy 23 pounds (that was 3 weeks ago). Willow was only 17.2 at the same weigh-in. The breeder was a little surprised by how big Kai is, but he isn't overweight. Her female is still small like Willow. She said she really strives for gender differentiation and she certainly has achieved it - not only do they look completely male and female, Kai carries himself much more like a "hound dawg" than I would expect from a basenji - he tends to sit in a slumpy fashion and flop down when he lays down. Willow is the opposite - completely fastidious and dainty. We are in Santa Fe, NM at the moment, and Kai is covered in pi?on sap and dust and having a ball eating live cicadas. Willow is pristine.

    How is everything else going? I love these puppies. They are asleep right now with my daughters. When my girls get up in the early morning, the dogs jump in bed with my husband and me. I wake them up at 11:00 pm for a potty break and they sigh and trudge along unwillingly, desperate to get back to their girls.

    I'll try to get a picture of Kai (and Willow) up soon so you can see Pharoah's brother and sister….

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