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I have a 5 month old basenji mix who since the first day I got her has been picky about her food. I have tried everything including eggs, bacon grease, chicken, burgers, sausage, peanut butter, dust toppings, anything you can think of. I have also got many different types of hard and wet food for her to try. It seems everyday her preference changes and it takes a lot to get her to eat. I know I should just place the food out twice a day for 10-20 minutes and if she doesn't eat then she doesn't eat, but I don't understand why she is so picky. Any suggestions on foods to try or tactics to get her to eat regularly would be appreciated.

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@debradownsouth Thank you! Haha. She's currently 20 lbs and the vet estimates her end weight will be around 35.

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Bella is a basenji mix and has become the best part of my life! I'm curious if anyone can help identify what she might be mixed with? Her dark brown coat doesn't seem typical for a basenji and same with her body shape. The fosters she came from said basenji/lab mix, but I don't see the lab. Thanks for the help! 0_1523374934191_IMG_9898.JPG 0_1523374943570_IMG_9908.JPG 0_1523374947441_IMG_9866.JPG

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