Ellie 6 months old today!

Ellie’s perfect. Her coloring is just beautiful. The separation of chestnut and white on her rear right thigh, and the almost spot above her right shoulder. Ooh, I like her a lot. Tell us about her. What does she like? What’s does she not like? Is she vocal? So cute😍

I almost prefer the second photo to the one you sent me ! Want to change it ? She's a cute little number - There is mischief in those eyes !

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I can't take it from here - you have to send it to me again - please ! I am about to re-upload the database with today's additional new litters from Russia and Poland but once the program knows it has to look for a picture, it is the work of seconds to change them.

PLEASE can you persuade Mr McGee to send me .jps of Mom and Dad so we can make Ellie's pedigrees more complete as to pictures ?

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@zande yes go ahead - we were debating which one to send anyway!

@zande ok will send by email. Thank you.

@zande just emailed it - Thank you

@jengosmonkey Thank you!

She loves food, new people (cautiously) and other dogs (at the moment!). She spends a lot of time sitting on the back of the sofa (in the photos) looking out of the bay window to see what's going on. We have 3 schools at the end of our road so there's plenty to see with the comings and goings.

She doesn't like traveling in the car, going out in the wet to use the toilet, being moved when sleeping and being picked up to do something she doesn't want to do. Luckily she is very food driven so we use that to our advantage! She hates being left alone even within the house.

She is mischievous and enjoys stealing things from around the house and getting chased to retrieve them! She is constantly trying to play fight with us. I have an 8 and 14 yr old sons and she is particularly playful with the 8 year old.

She hasn't yodeled yet, but does a singing noise when she yawns and growls or cries when she isn't happy.

@zande I did share your website with Mick Mcgee the other week, so hopefully he will be in touch. I am in touch with the owners of Ellie's siblings so will ask them too.

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Oh my! She is a ❤️sweetheart!🥰

@zande said in Ellie 6 months old today!:

There is mischief in those eyes !

I was thinking the same thing! You can tell as soon as she's able, she's going out to explore.

Pretty girl, bet she's fun!

So cute. Love the mix of being an adult but still a puppy.

Both shots are great but I like the first pic better. The second has too much dead space behind the butt, so everything of interest is in the right half of the frame and the pic is a bit static. In the first pic the outstretched right leg comes out of the frame and draws you in.


Ohh she is such a pretty girl

@donc I crop photos, remove dead space and humans so only the dog fills the picture . Heads look better side on than full front !

@zande I think the front view shows the beauty but the side view the character!

@jkent I love the way she is interested in something out of the window.

@zande she loves sitting on the back of that sofa monitoring what's going on outside!

@jkent said in Ellie 6 months old today!:

@zande she loves sitting on the back of that sofa monitoring what's going on outside!

Basenjis like to see outside. Mine would sit on the back of sofas as yours is, until I moved to a home with large floor to ceiling windows, which turned out to be very popular. What Basenjis do not like is to have their view impeded. I had blinds that suffered until I figured that out. I had to keep them up high enough that my boy could see under them, or he would attack them.

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