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    So I finally decided to make Otis a homemade coat, since I like to tinker and I have the time.
    I found the pattern for free online, the fabrics I used, corduroy and fleece were about $10.00, but I have over half of it left, so either one more coat will be made or the kids can play dress up with the rest…as they are right now..LOL.

    It turned out OK,for my first quilted dog coat..experience will make it better, I guess, but for our oh so not cold winters of 40-50-60's maybe even 70's it will do just fine..

    By the way I know he looks like he hates it, but I think the rooster crowing in the background is throwing his ears off..( he played around it for a while so he moves around in it..always a good sign..)

    Him and Dotty are looking so cute standing ever so closely to each other..so I had to post that too..

    She went on a field trip to a potential forever family sunday, so keep your fingers crossed she will go home to them…they fell in love with her, and honestly, how can you not?
    I will not tell them that she chewed the cord off of our Braun electric toothbrush charger last night..Ggggrrr. After all I had it sitting up on the counter, way in the corner, out of reach to most things, kids or dogs...I should've known better..;)

  • Good job I like the coat you could take the rest and make Dotty a coat for her (new) home. Otis looks very nice he will miss Dotty they make a very nice couple.

    Rita Jean

  • Great job on the coat, Otis looks quite dashing in it! And good luck on finding Dotty a new home.

  • That looks like a good job…AJ might even wear a jacket like that. Doesn't look like it binds at all and it doesn't cover his chest and legs. Looks great on Otis, too. Nice work!

  • Houston

    Well, thanks all. he is stylin' now.
    AJsHuman, I have extra fabric, I could make one in those very colors, if you want..?

  • Hey, I'll be in TX Fri and Sat…Del to Ft Worth on Fri morning, have an event in Carl's Corner on Saturday...

  • Houston

    Well, I am in Houston, but no worries I will send it to you..if you want me to make AJ one. How big would you say he is weight wise. Otis is only 23 lbs but tall, so he is on the lanky side.

  • Don't do it just yet…Never know where they'll send me next. I was in Houston a couple weeks ago. Dropped almost downtown, then picked up out past Deer Park. After I finish with that event Sat (Convoy for a Cure: Breast Cancer) who knows where I go next. Would like you to meet AJ before you do something like that. He's a little sturdier than Otis. 17" and 26 lb. Most of y'all will say he's fat, but the vet is very pleased with him. And I think he's perfect.

  • I love the coat! You did a great job.
    Dotty is darling. I hope she finds a wonderful home with loving humans.

    AJ'sHuman - If you are ever in North GA, be sure to let me know.

  • I will do that. Thank you:)

  • Houston

    He's a little sturdier than Otis. 17" and 26 lb. Most of y'all will say he's fat, but the vet is very pleased with him. And I think he's perfect.

    That doesn't even sound fat..I bet he looks a million in real life, pictures sure does him well..
    Ok, I will wait on the coat and we'll see..it is here waiting, so let me know.

    Vicki, thanks for the compliments, looks like Dotty might have a family in the works, I just found out..keeping my fingers crossed for her.

  • Yay, Dotty! Hope that forever family is there for you…

  • You did a good job on the coat! He looks quite dashing in it.

    I hope it all works out for Dotty she looks like a little cutie. 🙂

  • Nice job on the coat…:)

    Fingers crossed that Dottie has found her forever home. Dottie looks so little next to Otis...how tall is Otis now? 😃

  • Houston

    Otis is a little over 17" so pretty tall and he is very lean, lanky and maybe teenage looking skinny..lol. I think he is a fairly thin B and longish in his body, so I guess he fits into our 6'+ family very well, he looks like his momma.. Do they go through an awkward time in their youinger years?..he is 9.5 mo.

    Dotty, on the other hand, is a little petite thing. She is short, I don't know how short, but weighs about 19lbs, some puppy chuink is still on her..

  • Great job on the coat!

  • Wow, great job on that Petra! You are very talented. I don't know if Buddy would wear a jacket or not. This will be our first winter. Maybe I'll order one? You could sell those at the Petra's Pooch Palace.

  • Great job on the coat - I especially like the fact that it is far enough back of his front legs so it doesn't bind in any way!

  • great job on the coat! I made my basenjis' coats a couple of years ago. I'd gotten some windblock fleece.

    for those wanting to try making your own, fleece is very easy to work with and you don't have to do anything with the edges - it won't fray. Fleece is fairly cheap, but heavier fleece or windblock can be pricey, but if you have a Joann's nearby they run sales and coupons all the time.

  • Houston

    Thanks all…
    and yes, Fleece is the best to work with, it requires very little sewing knowledge, yet the results are very nice..andright now, at least here in Houston, the prices are reduced by 50%..can't beat that..and coupons, got to love those 40% off coupons..

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