You'd think I'd have learned my lesson too!

  • Look what my Naughty Puppies did this morning!! :mad:
    It happened while I was getting ready for work.
    I didn't take too much notice of the 'bits' on the floor, (as you don't with 5 dogs around) but on the way back from the laundry room, I was faced with the full horror. :eek:
    That was a leather chair arm.

    I know who the main culprit is. Fortunately for him he behaved himself at ringcraft tonight. They've been pretty good up until now, something like this was going to happen sooner or later. Someone has started on my chest of draws as well. :mad:

    I have now applied tea tree oil to the furniture. A bit late now I know - stable doors and horses and all that. lol :rolleyes:

  • They certainly did a number on that chair!! I couldn't tell what it was until you said. They can work mighty fast. If I cannot watch Buddy for more then 2 seconds he goes in the crate because he can cause damage quickly.

  • That's (was) an arm chair?? Looks like a rehab. project for a Chaise Lounge!!!

    I think it's a first cousin to my old sleeper sofa:D

  • Houston

    I actually thought that was the body of a baby pram (stroller). I never would've guessed armchair, wow.
    Otis only ate a whole sheetpan of hot, hot cinnamon buns today, while I was hanging laundry, but hey, thats nothing…I now see.

  • You too huh… I came home to a nice surprised today as well. Wonderful golfball size hole in the corner of the couch. I used tea tree oil on the one side and he simply went for the other.

    Not as bad as yours though....

  • oh, that is pretty awful…
    I am always surprised when b's DON"T do more to leather items...cause it smells so nice.

    Course, I had one make a nest in my fabric can't withstand the b's toes either.

  • It seems when they find a nice corner or edge, they go to town, at least in my experience. I need all round furniture. No edges, no corners, nothing. 😃

    I also love how "they know" once you spot the damage. My B ran for his crate to avoid confrontation. He thinks that's his bomb shelter or something. I left him in there to think about it since he loves that crate so much (and that's when his crate phobia kicked in).

  • Houston

    If I show this to my hubby he wil flip…he thinks Otis is such a pain in the ---you know what. He has seen nothing yet..Ha ha. I think I will keep this on file so when Otis does mess up..really bad, then I have some arsenal of pictures to prove he is not the only one...this is normal B behaviour..LOL

  • @Basenjimamma:

    If I show this to my hubby he wil flip…he thinks Otis is such a pain in the ---you know what. He has seen nothing yet..Ha ha. I think I will keep this on file so when Otis does mess up..really bad, then I have some arsenal of pictures to prove he is not the only one...this is normal B behaviour..LOL

    I feel fortunate as well. Nothing major in terms of destruction yet from my B. I feel for that couch arm though.

  • A shredded chair arm I can deal with, but their mother has a thing for my shoes. Especially brand new ones still in their box - it's more of a challenge! :mad:

  • And I thought shredding the arms was bad … this beats all!

  • A few years ago, one morning I went for my shower (I have showered since incase you were wondering :)) I left the 2 Bs loose in the living room. When I came back …... :eek: the seat from one of the chairs was in a million pieces on the floor. What did I do?? Well, I picked up each and every last bit and stuffed it back inside the cover trying very hard to make it look like the original shape. I placed the seat back on the chair upside down and ignored it. I never told Douglas, well, not until the same thing happened to him a few months later. Then I laughed so hard I had to confess. 😃 I just wish I had taken piccies. We now have a second hand leather suite which so far is lasting well.

    Also, never leave any clothing lying around with titbits in the pockets. I came home from a show one evening totally exhausted, threw my beautiful embroidered Basenji waistcoat down on the kitchen work surface and went off to bed. Next day I was soaking up some rays in the garden when Douglas suddenly shouts for me. I went over to see what was wrong and too my horror my waistcoat was in the garden with the pockets ripped out. :mad:

    All my own fault. Lesson - NEVER leave Bs unattended and NEVER leave food around where they can get at it!

  • Houston

    So I guess Otis is not the only one that acts like he has to scavenger hunt for his food. He even find crumbs I didn't know existed…like he is starving and at barely 6 mo, and 23.5 lbs I know he is not starving...nor is he fat.

  • Ah the joys of owning b's:rolleyes:

    I have had my nice fairly new pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses re-designed today courtesy of Belle:rolleyes: they were on the kitchen work surface but obviously not far enough back for her not to reach!!

  • I'm constantly grabbing crap out of Buddy's mouth that he get's while we're walking in the neighborhood. People and kids drop all kinds of crap. He's pretty fast at grabbing something like the red/wht, Ringo I had.

  • One of our puppy owners called us to let us know that their boy had decided to make a "Habitrail" of their couch! There was already a small hole in one end from their other Basenjis, and it was big enough for the puppy to go in … so he just continued on through the couch and chewed his way out the other end! Thank goodness they were already experienced Basenji owners, or I suspect he might have come back to us immediately!


  • I sold a puppy a few years ago and sent him off with the usual instructions about the possibilities of destruction and warning the new owners not to leave him alone for his first nights.
    The following day I received a call to say that he had been very good on his long journey. Also to say that they had ignored my advice and left him to sleep in their bedroom while they were serving in the bar (they run a pub) and he had ripped the carpet, the window curtains and their bed curtains (they have a four poster bed) - they totalled the damage as over ?3000!! A very expensive lesson!!!
    I should add that he is still with them after 12 years and is a very much adored Basenji!!

  • A quick course in upholstery is called for!

    Poppy started on our sofa last weekend and chewed a hole in one of the cushions, but thankfully it can be turned over to hide the damage.

    They are awful, but we like them really!


  • I've gotten into the habit of leaving an old towel out in case my B feels destructive. Every time I have left it out he has not chewed on anything. The one day I forgot to leave it out, he chewed a nice hole in the couch.

    He doesn't consume the shredded bits either. So I'm not too worried about leaving him unattended with a towel. He just likes to chew on something that is technically "not his".

  • Houston

    What a great idea, the towel Idea. I might have to try that. Otis loves to steal my daughters stuffed animals, he won't tear them up, but slobbers on them and it drives her crazy..maybe I could get him interested in a towel instead. Do you have his own towel or does he do better with "your" towel?

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