• Hi,

    I have a general question: hiw does shipping of a puppy work? Do I have to collect the puppy or is it usually shipped by the breeder, when distances are far?
    How traumatizing is it for the puppy to fly?

    I'd really like to have a basenji, but i do not want a puppy to suffer - maybe one of you can help and answer my questions.

    thanks a lot,


  • Aren't there any breeders where you live? Then the pup wouldn't need to be shipped. I got Tillo from Sweden and picked him up by car (14 hour drive). If the pup is young enough you can take it with you in the plane.

    And welcome to the forum 🙂

  • Hi.
    I did the same as Janneke, picked up Mody by myself. Many breeders want it so. But it is quite difficult to go to pick up puppy across the Ocean. I don?t think puppy will sufer much in plane, they use to get a light sedatives to calm and they sleep most of travel…but if you have possibility to pick up the puppy, do it by yourself, breeder and you will have better chance to know aech other and you will see how puppy has lived until now and so on...

  • Hi and welcome to the forum.
    Breeder of my Masai flew down to Czech.Rep. from Sweden with him. She had him on her knees during the flight and he was okay. But I have a friend which has dog from England, dog flew alone and he was streesed for some time after this experience.
    I agree with Petra, it s better to seem breeder personally and look at puppys home.
    In which part of Europe do you live?

  • @ Irena: I live in Austria - Czech Rep. isn't too far away and I've already seen your hompage, unfortunately I can't read it 😞

    I'm looking for black & white basenji puppy and I know there are few breeding plans. Most popular is red/white, i think.
    There are beautiful litters (correctly I have to say: litters from beautiful parents) planned in Sweden, only 2 in Germany, probably 1 in Austria.
    The Northern part of Europe (Finland, Sweden, GB) can hardly be reached by car, therefore I'm asking for flight possibilities.

    I don't know much of breeders from Eastern Europe (it's mostly not the distance but the language that seperates us).
    There I could go by car much easier if a worthwhile breeding is planned…

  • Our web is also in english http://www.asthenia.cz/en/hlavni.html but haven?t been update for long time.

    If I might recommend you, look for b/w puppy in the North Europe. Espesially in Sweden.
    In Czech.Rep. are most favourite red white basenjis 🙂 (I have 4 r/w at home :D)

  • In the US, when we fly with puppies they are "carry on" baggage. They ride in a sherpa bag and are put on the floor/under the seat in front of you. I will not fly a puppy alone.

    I believe the same is true most times for overseas flights?

  • I shipped "Vanna" to the Czech Republic in March. She had no issues at all.
    In fact, I shipped two puppies the same day, on the same Lufthansa flight. They had a layover in Frankfurt, then my black girl "Kasai" went to France and my red girl "Vanna" went to CR.
    Neither were sedated and I would NOT sedate one of my puppies. If they did not have the temperament that was conducive to flying, I would not ship them.
    I am sending one to Sweden in the fall, and she will go back as excess baggage [cargo].

    I'd love to be able to have everyone fly to the US to get their pup, but that is not so realistic for everyone. It costs about $700 to ship a puppy from Portland, OR to France. Not that bad at all.

    Maybe you should come to Oregon for a Fanconi Clear black/white boy 🙂

  • Oh, me me Kathy!!! lol Those are the magic words. 🙂

  • @khanis: thanks for the detailed information…
    Me and my partner are looking for a female , but I'd love to see pictures of the boy you talked about - do you have a homepage?

  • Welcome to the forum and good luck finding a Pup.

  • @Fibula:

    @khanis: thanks for the detailed information…
    Me and my partner are looking for a female , but I'd love to see pictures of the boy you talked about - do you have a homepage?

    Not Kathy, but here you go

  • There are articles online by trained animal professionals who stress against shipping puppies because of the experience.

    I know my aunt, just from personal experience, had her dog shipped against my suggestion and now Riley, her Golden Retriever, is skittish and an incessant barking at every noise in the house…..Riley's two years old so it's been a rough ride and my aunt thoroughly believes it's because of the transportation of him.

    Just some of my thoughts.

  • I agree with shipping as baggage…. but carry-on in a sherpa usually is never a problem for a pup

  • I have yet to have had any dog that I have shipped have any issues afterwards.

    I prefer to ship them younger, as they are so goofy and once the new owners opent he crate they are all tail-waggy and kissy and can't wait to play with their new people!

    I am shipping a 3.5 y.o. male to Europe soon… and I foresee no issues. This boy has a sound temperament and would let anyone get him out of the crate. I think good solid temperaments help a lot. Occasionally something could freak them out... but I haven't experienced that yet.. EVEN when NWA left my puppy in a cargo office overnight!

    Fibula---b/w boys, r/w boys, r/w girls.. all pups... all fanconi clear at our house 🙂 Some available too!

  • @ Kathy: I've seen the puppies on the homepage, they are soooo cute! With beautiful parents!
    My partner and I decided to get a b/w girl and i don't want to discuss again with him about sex and colour 😉

  • We have only ever "shipped" one puppy and with that we did insist that it go on the plane with the owners rather than in the cargo hold. The puppy had his own seat on the plane and apparently very much enjoyed the journey!!

    If it is at all possible i would try any other option than shipping a pup as i have heard some horror stories - puppies being traumatised, or killed from cargo hold overheating etc. Im sure that 90% of puppies shipped would be absolutely fine but it must be very, very stressful.

  • What size is a 8 week old pup? I hope to be able to take my pup in the cabin with me in a sherpa bag, but there is a size restriction on the bags.

    And whats even more annoying there are different restriction according to the plane company. One allows 43 x 31 x 20 cm (length,width,hight), and another is 40x25x23cm.

    But since a Basenji averages at 40-43cm full grown I can't picture them being 20cm at only 8 weeks….or?

    It's a short flight for me, around 1hour.

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