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  • My basenji's name is Bella and she is a red & white of almost a year. My husband and son bought her for me for my birthday. I have become a basenji slave and completely entranced by this beautiful and unique breed. During my searches for information on the internet, I found a website of basenji pedigrees. This site is managed by Zande and is quite thorough. I have found many of Bella's relatives on this site; however, I cannot find any siblings. I would love to find out if she has any sisters or brothers and exactly where she came from (hubby got her from Petland). Bella's mom is a red and white, her name is Kkdk Jammin Jo and her dad is tri-colored, his name is WL's Alex. If anyone has any info., please let me know… I would greatly appreciate it!

  • What kind of registration papers does Bella have? AKC? ACA? CKC? APRI?

  • Sadly, petland means your pup is from a puppymill/licensed dog breeder. No responsible breeder would ever place a puppy with a pet store and in fact many breed clubs forbid it and will kick you out if they do it. IF your dog is AKC registered, I can walk you through a pedigree and finding out how many pups were registered in that or previous litters. If not AKC, I will gladly try to help. I am very glad someone like you got this pup to love instead of it going to someone would breed her and make more puppies for sale.

  • I was able to find out a little about the where your dog came from. What information would like about your dog? The sire of your dog was sold at auction last spring. I know someone who tries to keep track of the information of these dogs and the ones sold in pet stores to provide information to their owners just like yourself. Does you dog have papers? If so who is the breeder listed and her birthdate? That will help in tracking down more information.

  • I got Zahra from a Petstore in Chesapeake, VA but I know that she came from MO which I have come to realize must be where a lot of Puppy Mills are based 😞

    If anyone knows where I can find more information about Zahra's background I would be really interested to hear what ever I can find out.

    Here is what I know from her ACA registration

    Whelped: 2/13/2006

    Sire: Aba-Mo's Steve-O
    Red & White

    Dam: Ana-Mo's Bendi
    Red & White

    The current owner in Section 1 on the paperwork was listed as Brenda Harrington who is also stated as the breeder on another registration certificate.

    Date of Transfer was4/17/06

    Section 2 shows the new owner as Kiddie Lane Kennel - Bobbi Jo Polk Trenton, MO

    I might be wrong but this must be the broker that sold the puppies to the kennel.

  • OK here is more info on Bella Bambino Biamondi

    ACA registered: WV-ABA-0695452-001
    Whelped: 12/27/2005 Sex: Female
    Colors: Red & White

    Sire: WL's Alex OK-ABA-0601440-003
    (Black, Tan, White)

    Dam: KKDK Jammin Jo HP03327404
    (Red & White, I think)

    Date of Ownership: 03/15/2006
    Breeder: Mitchell Timmons (believed to be in MO)

    I really appreciate all the help from everyone with my search. And, yes, I did get Bella spayed. Which is fortunate since she has a luxating patella and I would not want to continue this in her line… She is my first dog, I never would have imagined how attached one can become to a canine! I just love her like another child, she is such a "wild child"!

  • Hi bellabasenji…
    I'm glad you found the information you were looking for. My dog has the same issue with her patella, but she just turned 8 (yesterday!) and it has only just started to bother her recently. If I may ask, are you doing anything for it? My vet said they'll watch it and then do surgery if it continues or worsens...I was just curious since I started a thread a while ago and I don't thing anyone replied. Thanks for sharing. Love the avatar!

  • In response to DebraDownSouth..
    Yes, many (not all) breed clubs ask members to sign a Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics or Code of Practices but most breed clubs will NOT kick to a member for selling to a pet store.
    It isn't as easy as you'd think to expel a member from a club. Quite frankly, it is a LOT of work.. and since club members are volunteers, most don't want to deal with it…regardless if there are members that blatantly violate their Code repeatedly. Period.
    Sure, you may feel differently. But unless you know of anyone in that situation or been part of a club put in that situation, you haven't seen the half of it.

    Is selling puppies to pet store or broker a good idea? Of course not... but it would take a lot of work to deal with members doing such action.

    What kind of registrations are those?? I am guessing that APRI or ACA kind? I haven't seen those before.. but have only been ivolved wih rescue of non-registered or AKC-registered basenjis.

    Good luck with your B.

  • You said that you couldn't find any of your Bella's silings….
    since she wasn't AKC registered and no siblings were...
    it is doubtful that yo'd be able to find the information.
    The information that is on the ZANDE site has been retrieved from the AKC stud book, as well as from data given to Sally from those dealing with rescue and puppy mill dogs.
    Good luck!

  • Bella, I am hoping we get to find something out about the background of our babies. Your post inspired me to post my information too. I tried petshoppuppies.com but I didn't get any information back that I didn't already have. Maybe you will have better luck.

    I am curious about Zahra's parents or if there are any other siblings in the area. I know that there may have been another Basenji at the Petstore with Zahra but I think she sold quickly and Zahra was left for well over a month.

    Good luck Bella!

  • Try this website for further information maybe it will help you out, I only got the USDA reports but you never know …http://www.petshoppuppies.com/

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