Looking to visit a Basenji's home, with or without puppies

  • I live in Surrey on the South of England and would ideally like to find someone near me who I can visit and talk to before I get a Basenji ๐Ÿ™‚


    Let me know and I'll give you my contact info.

  • I'd say you can come visit me but I live in NEW England and not actually England!! Lol

  • Gah that's the trouble!!! Thanks thoughโ€ฆ

    Maybe Skype! Haha

  • This is an excellent idea, and good for you to think of it. A person can read up on and follow forums on and hear all they can about a Basenji, but until you have actually spent lots of time around one, you cannot really know what you are getting into. They are definitely a breed apart and require an awful lot of patience, but they are a challenge that is ultimately worth it. As you live day to day with their cleverness and independence, you will find out a lot you never knew about yourself as well as the dog. The longer you study a basenji, the more you know you do not actually have a "dog." The basenji and you have a joint living situation, and the level of respect each has for the other will determine if you are up to it IMHO.

  • Colorado is lovely right now

    And you could see how a basenji ignores her owner on the agility course

  • sorry we live in the North west, but it's a great idea to spend some time with Basenjis before commiting.

  • I live in Hampshire, whereabouts are you?

  • Stainesโ€ฆnot too far away. I'll have to discuss with a driver (since I don't drive)

    When are you free? Would prob have to be weekend

  • Hi, you mention that there is a Basenji nearby that your JRT's get on with, could you visit with them ?

  • Unfortunately we rarely see them walking : (

  • I work weekends so would be difficult. We do however have two shows coming up that you might like to come along to. The first is at Newbury, we are on the Saturday which I believe is the 2nd of June, there are 17 B's entered. The second is at Windsor Great Park which is on Saturday 30 June, we don't have entry numbers yet but it is likely to be similar numbers.

  • Ah ok I'll talk to my mum about them ๐Ÿ™‚

    She said its more the vet bills than anything which is delaying her wanting to get another dog, though she did say 'not now' so am hoping in the next few years. I did tell her they are throughoughly health tested and I've read up on the health concerns they do have.

    I suppose I could get the train to you, are you near a station? What day would you be free?

  • Yes i know the feeling.
    There are apparently two Basenjis in the next village to us but unfortunately we have never seen them out and about.
    You are very wise to do the research and hopefuly spend time talking to Basenji people as they are certainly not the dog for everyone. That said usualy once you have lived with one you are hooked ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Luckily I just saw a breeder on champdog's who is near me. But I dunno if they're reputable.

  • Basenji pups are usualy born either side of Christmas due to the bitches coming into season once a year. It is a good idea to check out breeders as they usualy have a waiting list.
    Have a look at the Basenji breed clubs, there are lists of breeders there.

  • There are quite a few Basenjis within reasonable distance from you. I think you're doing the right thing wishing to see them in their own home. The shows don't really give a true picture of what it's like living with them but of course it's a start.

    Personally I've always found that having a Basenji doesn't necessarily engender huge vet's bills. In fact they are one of the most healthy of dog breeds in my experience. In between puppyhood and old age I have little need to visit the vets.

  • Please remember that you shouldn't take anyone's word about 'thoroughly tested'. Ask to see the actual results of the important tests - Fanconi, hips, eyes, etc. For peace of mind, it's better to find out BEFORE you purchase from a breeder. Unfortunately, not all breeders are the same. ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • I don't find the vet bills high for my Basenji's. I've spent more on the boxer than all my basenji's put together. I'm not sure what you mother means by huge vet bills. Anything can happen to any type of dog at any time. For regular maintenance, the vet bills are no higher than any other dog.

  • Yeah, thanks.

    Our JRT's have never had anything more than spaying/neutering and the yearly check up/injections.

    Hopefully when she hears owners we talk to at the show say this, she'll believe it.

  • i think your mum probably means any visit to the vet is usualy costly whatever you go for.
    it is a wise consideration to take into account before getting a pet.
    We have our two insured for the first time ever as veterinary bills seem to be getting higher and higher.

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