My husband, rat terrier Jack, and I buried Dan's ashes under the apple tree today. It is a most beautiful sunny day and the apple tree is ready to leaf out any moment. This was the only home Dan ever knew and there is a no more fitting place for our beloved red and white boy to be.

Always in our hearts ~ rest in peace sweet Dan.


Rest in peace sweet Dan… and you are now with those that have gone before you over the Rainbow bridge, happy, running free with no illness no paid. Hugs to Deb, Mike and Jack

Hugs to you all. A glorious day, Dan at home under his tree in the sunshine. Dan was the 'apple of your eye' and will be always in your heart.

I'm sorry for your loss. You've put together a nice web album in his honor - there's some really wonderful photographs in there.

Oh, I am so very sorry for your loss of Dan.
What a well loved b!

Deb…I'm so sorry for you loss. The photos are beautiful and a wonderful tribute to a well loved dog. Run free Dan!

So so sorry for your loss. But Dan is now running free with all our pals that have crossed and will be waiting for you.

Thank you for the kind words and the visit to his page. All Basenjis are so photogenic and Dan was no exception. I probably shot in excess of 5000 photos of him and only a handful turned out because he absolutely hated to have his photo taken. He could hear the camera turn on and would either put his ears in helicopter mode or simply turn his head around like Linda Blair in the exorcist. I figured out how to turn the sound off on my camera but he'd still hear the lens extend and that would be it. At least I did get a couple of good'ins.

Dan was euthanized in October and it took nearly six weeks to get his ashes back. By that time the ground was too frozen so we had to wait until the spring to bury him. In the end it was therapeudic for me to have him close to my computer through the winter. It was time to give him back to the earth.

So sorry for your loss.. The pictures of Dan are beautiful..

God bless and protect Dan as he goes to the Rainbow Bridge.

I'm so sorry for your loss… what a great pics of Dan.. To read a post here.. I always get tears in my eyes..


What a beautiful resting place for a wonderful dog. My thoughts are with you…

So sorry to hear about your loss of Dan, the pics of him are lovely, what a handsome boy.

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