New Basenji mommy in Houston, TX

Hi there, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself to the forum. I am Petra and I live in Houston, Tx. We have two "regular" dogs, Gus, the dachshund and Luna the Schnorkie….and then we have Otis, the 4 month old Basenji.
We just got him on tuesday, and he has already melted our hearts.
Before you even ask, his parents have both been Fanconi tested and was declared probably clear/normal. He is dark brindle and white. I will post pics as soon as I can figure out how to do it....


Welcome from a fellow Texan!


Thank you it is good to be here.

Welcome! I'd love to see pictures, I love brindles!

Welcome…where did you get your b from?
Some of our folks are "related" by dogs, so I like to ask.


I got him from a breeder in Mo. How do I post pics. I tried but got a error message.

I had the same problem trying to post pictures.
There is something called an avatar. you have to edit or activate it. (it has been a while since i did it and it was not something i was familiar with, so i am not sure i remember) but as soon as i did that, the pictures downloaded. try that….


I even tried to do an avatar and got the same message. I will keep on trying and see if I get some info from the headman/woman, I did leave them a message.

Welcome to the forum!


Thanks all, we are really enjoying Otis in our lives. He is very sweet and different I must say even as a puppy. I am about to try and get some pics added so you can see how pretty he is.


Welcome Petra and family. We'd like to see picks of everybody, especially Otis.


I keep on getting the mesage that my link or something like that is missing a secure logo or something. I even tried getting the pics from photobucket but can not figure it out. I am working on it though so bear with me.



Ok here is a n attempt to get picture added to my post if it doesn't work, please bear with me once more until I get it, it might be a blond thing..LOL

Hey it worked so I am adding one more,

These pictures were taken on the eve of Otis' first day here in Houston.

I am so excited I figured it out, the picture thing that is.


That is one cute pup!

How cute….

Glad you got it to work. Did the same thing to me. All the sudden it worked! HE IS ADORABLE!!! congrats!


Thanks all, we love him, but then again we are pretty partial, LOL

He's cute! We need more pics! 😃 😃 He's really dark brindle, very nice!

And: welcome!! 🙂


He is a very dark brindle which is one of the reasons we picked him.
I took some more pics and he is (in my eyes) beautiful when running in the sun. Nothing is as pretty as a Basenji running, of course none of those pics turned out, but here are a few others of him….

Enjoy, Basenjimamma

Wow, he's really a handsome B!!

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