New member introduction

I wanted to drop you a short line and introduce myself to the Basenji Forum world.

I have owned Basenjis since 2001 and now have 4 of the little darlings living with me. It started with Benji, then we got a friend for him, Nakura and in 2006 Nakura had her first litter of pups. We kept 2 boys, Chance and Trouper. We also have an 11yr old GSD bitch called Megan, a 14yr old BC dog called Dougie and a 10 yr old cat called Tomsk.

We live in the North West of Scotland and travel all over the country showing the Basenjis. To date Nakura has 2 CCs, Chance has 2 CCs and 2 RCCs and Trouper has 1 CC. We are also hoping to go to Ireland this year to do some showing.

I recognise a couple of members already on this forum and see a couple of them regularly at shows. I am looking forward to swapping stories and experiences with other members. I am currently trawling through my photo albums so I can post a few piccies of my babies. Keep a look out for them appearing soon!!! 🙂

Hello & welcome from Canada. Nice to have you here

Hello, nice to see you here 😃

See you at SKC:D

Hi and welcome to the forum

Are you going to WELKS?

Welcome to the forum. Hopefully we'll se pics soon? 🙂

Welcome to the forum from another European! We're taking over the forum! 😃

We love pics!!

Hi Vicky, i just joined a couple of days ago too.

See you at Welks.


Welcome to our pack - its so fun to see how international we are!

Hi everyone

Thanks for the welcome. I'm not going to WELKS but should see you all at the National and maybe SKC.

Piccies are on their way!!!:)

Welcome to the forum!!!

Welcome to the forum. Look forward to your stories.:)

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