What can and can be requested?

When talking to breeders, who much can you request from a litter? I under the more you expect and rqst the less likely you are to get a puppy from the next litter. For example I would prefer a black and white pup, but would be very happy w/ any basenji as long as it has the "basenji personality". I have talked to several breeders w/in 6 hours of me and I landed on sherwood in Georgia b/c of the bitch she is breeding next and the information she was able to provide.

I don't expect a puppy from any breeder until next january or feb b/c of the typically basenji breeding cycle. As you can tell I'm very excited to know I've even taken this step b/c I've been looking at basenji's for a year or 2 now and finally decided I need a life long companion like this.

But I guess out of curiousity besides asking the needed questions about health, the sir/dam, and do forth. What else did people discuss with breeders and how often did you keep in touch with them. Being added to a waiting list is all good, but I want to continue show interest.

What do you mean by, what can you request? As you said the more requirements that you have the longer you will probably have to wait. Most people have a color and gender preference but probably the most important thing is the type of personality and temperament that is going to fit into your household The more flexible you can be on things like color and gender the more likely there will be the right personality/temperament match for you.

So thinking about how I would go about looking for a puppy. The first thing is to decide what things are important to you, what are your expectations for the puppy? For me the absolute top thing on that list is health testing so the first thing I would look for is breeders that are doing health testing. Once you have a list of breeders that are doing the appropriate health testing, I would start contacting them about what breedings they are planning. See if other criteria that you have will be met. Since you want a black and white, one of the parents of the litter will need to be black and white to even have a chance of getting black and white puppies. Once you have narrowed your list down, go meet the breeder and their dogs, make sure that the dogs have the temperament that you are looking for and can live with. Not all basenji families have the same temperament so it is important to make sure that the ones you are considering meet your expectation. Once you have done that get on a waiting list, be very open about your expectations for your puppy with the breeder. Then the hard part the waiting. Once the litter is born, don't jump to conclusions! If there are people in front of you on the waiting list and there is only 1 black puppy or 1 male puppy or whatever, it may end up being spoken for because the person ahead of you will need to figure out what is most important to them, maybe it is color, maybe gender, maybe performance ability but often the final decisions aren't made until the pups are close to 8 weeks.

Thank you. As stated the most important is personality, and That's how I've choosen my breeder. The bitch she's breeding is a calmer dog and will hopefully produce calmer puppies.


Thank you. As stated the most important is personality, and That's how I've choosen my breeder. The bitch she's breeding is a calmer dog and will hopefully produce calmer puppies.

The most important is Health Testing, which leads to good temperament along with the B's personality

I have 2 Sherwood basenjis, DC Sherwood's In The Nick of Time SC, RN, LCM, JOR and DC, Sherwood's Shadow of the Moon MC, LCM, JOR so I am very familiar with Robyn and her dogs. My other two girls are Rally's daughters so are half Sherwood. There are many others on the Forum with Sherwood dogs and close relatives.

As for keeping in touch, that sort of varies from person to person. Checking in is a good thing, making sure things are still on track and going in a direction that you like. Plans change and maybe the original stud dog becomes unavailable or the girl comes into season at a wierd time or any number of things so keeping in touch is good. I would probably say try to check in once a month but see what feels about right, as things get closer it may be more frequently and this far out may be less frequently.

Thanks again for the feed back. As a first time buyer, i wanna try to use people's knowledge who have been through this and can help me. So everyone advice has been very helpful.

so far so good - you got familiar with the breed - found a reputable breeder - know that you need to be patient.

I remember having one person call me in May looking for a puppy and when I said no I didn't have any but anticipated a litter from a later summer breeding. He called me the first week in June to ask if I had them yet. Obviously didn't get that whole breeding and gestation thing.

Read and learn and think puppy thoughts and it will happen sooner than you think!

Well, for me it might have been a different situation to you as i wanted my basenji as a companion and pet first, but also as a show dog. So health and temperment were priority for me, but then there was breeding and conformation which were also very important. I got in touch with the breeder because i had admired the mother for a long time and thought it was worth contacting the breeder….

Now, in the initial conversation we were mostly sorting out whether i was a suitable Basenji owner, but the breeder did ask what i would like... I have always, always, always wanted a tri bitch. Thats my "dream" basenji. So i did say that to her. It had to be a bitch (i cant really house entire males as i have unspayed females) but i did say that the colour wasn't as important... When the litter was born and there was one tri and one r/w female.... Great fun!!

In the end i was lucky, and got my dream Basenji (and isn't she just!!! 😃 ) but i left the final decision up to the breeder.

I kept in contact with the breeder fairly regularly. The initial contact was about a month before the pups were due. And then we had email updates with puppy pics every few weeks from when the pups were born. I think you have to keep in touch to show that you are interested, but there is a fine line between keeping in touch and pestering lol So dont go too over the top!

Thanks so much for the feed back. I know i'm searching incredibly early for a basenji. This year would of been an absolut horrible year for a puppy though, as all my traveling… bachlor parties & weddings all year it seems like would of really made it hard to raise a puppy of any breed. I decided to hold off till next season end of 2009 or 2010. Since i think after all these years i'm the only unmarried one left 😕.

One of the breeders I contacted actually scans the forums here, she can rest asure though I won't pester her :D. I will try to contact each breeder once a month as they get to know me and determine If i'm a good suit for a basenji. I'm still very excited about a basenji after 4 or 5 months and I still have like 10 months to go :eek:.


I have talked to several breeders w/in 6 hours of me and I landed on sherwood in Georgia b/c of the bitch she is breeding next and the information she was able to provide. QUOTE]

I have two of Robyn's dogs from different litters: Cory and Jayden. I also also have only good things to say about her and her dogs.


hey Knava

Liz and I and our basenjis will be up in Knoxville next weeked, coming up Friday 3/27 and returning to Atlanta late Sunday. I don't know how much time you've spent around basenjis. I know that for us all the time we spent around them was very informative when we were thinking about getting one. We would be happy to meet up with you at a dog park or something, if that interests you.

And you would be welcome to pick our brains about all things basenji. 🙂

Thank you soooo much for the offer, unfortunatly I do have to work today (saturday) till 8 and I'm in the middle of remodeling my house, so I won't be avail on Sunday. I can't thank you enough though to be so nice as to offer that.

I also have two Sherwood dogs-Ch Sherwood's Black Tie Affair (Shadow) and Ch Sherwood's Something Sweet (Sugar). Nothing but good things to say about Robyn and her dogs. I actually just had a litter from Sugar and the temperments are excellent. Their first outing was today to the pet store for some collars (two have already gone home, 1 will go on April 4, and the last is in the works) and to a training centre. Both were really good with no whining and were passed to people left and right with no snarking at all. A little overwhelming for them, but excellent in all.

Actually it is going to be next weekend if you will be available.

That'd be absolutly awesome. I do still work friday and sat, but on sunday I'm sure you have a weekend scheduled. I only have a soccer game at 1 to 3:30 and I can work any other time around that. Just let me know. I'll pm you my cell phone if you want… Also everyone here can call me Matt instead =D.

Hi Matt,

We have had second thoughts about coming up due to weather. Sunday looks good but Sat is calling for scattered thunderstorms. I need to talk to Liz about it when I get home…..will let you know.



It looks like it's going to be the following weekend, coming up Friday 4/3 leaving Sunday 4/5. I will ask Alex to send you my e-mail address a couple days before we head up.


That actually would be better for me anyways… I have new carpet coming in monday, and I have tear up my old carpet still and paint the baseboard all the way down which the old owner didn't do... Darn short cut takers :eek:


It looks like we're coming up this weekend. Finally, gosh. That took long enough. This time there is a surprise birthday party planned so slim chances of plans changing last minute.

Can you meet up saturday afternoon? We were thinking about Victor Ashe park. I have asked Alex/Vanessa to send you my e-mail address.


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