Cuter than a basenji pupppy?!?

Cuter than me? Really? :p

I've yet to see something that beats Medjai

Nah, I'd go with a basenji puppy. It is cute though!

I vote for the basenji - the koala was cute but not cute enough 🙂

The Koala was cute but basenji puppies are just irresistable.

Basenji puppies giving kisses, so cute!

Basenji puppies and babies, unbeatable!!


Nah… NOT cuter, but a cute Koala nonetheless!;)

I don't know…baby Koalas are AWFULLY cute! I had the pleasure of caring for Koalas sometimes while I was working at the zoo, and we had a baby there during the time I was a keeper in that area. WOWSER! Really cute...and they smell really good because of the eucalyptus they eat.......not near as fun as a baby B to play with, though...they scratch something terrible. They just can't help it. When you pick them up they grab onto you like you a tree. Heavy leather gloves are a must....but I guess with some B puppies heavy leather gloves are a good idea too 😉

Koala is cute, but Basenji Puppies are CUTEST!!!

Gosh, the Koala is cute! I'd have to say that a litter of Basenji puppies is hard to beat though! I have such fond memories of going to pick up Nala and taking them all outside to pittle, each having to keep track of one or two…and of course (my personal favorite), puppy breath!

Sorry, nothing is cuter than a basenji puppy!

Basenji puppies…..hands down. Especially their puppy breath!!!!!!!

Nothing but a baby is cutier than a Basenji, Big or Small!!!! Hands Down!!!!!

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