My puppy wont let me sleep (and some more serious problems)

  • This means I guess you got your pup from Phil in Colorado? There have been problems with Phil's dogs and their "real" parentage. What you see on the sire's side is proof of that problem. There is no way that two clear parents can have an affected offspring. I happen to know that DNA parentage was done and it was proved that this is not the sire and dam of this particular puppy. So I would be very concerned that the sire and dam on your puppy may not be what the registration papers say.

    Also to your question about tests, there are many, many other health tests that should be done. Please visit and/or

  • Actually, that isn't what it means. A true Probably Clear can not produce an an Affected. If bred to an Affected, a Probably Clear dog will have all Carrier offspring.

    What it means is that somewhere there was an error either in the lab, in the sample submission, or in the pedigree. Medjai is owned by Etzbseder, who is on this forum and may be able to fill people in on where they are at as far as identifying which of the above possibilities or combination there of may be the reason for the result.

  • BTW, Phil is a member of this board. His screenname is cripplecreekphil, I know because thats his email name to. He's never posted though…

  • @Danny:

    BTW, Phil is a member of this board. His screenname is cripplecreekphil, I know because thats his email name to. He's never posted though…

    Yes, many of us know that and what we are writing is correct information. There is a litter of his that has incorrect parents listed.

  • I guess i should put in my opinion as I have had the most personal experience with Phil. I think you should NOT breed the pup though based on what I know about the registration issues and such, and a few other pups of his.

    Also, you won't know yet, but I doubt that the pup will fit the breed standard well enough for you want to breed him anyway. Sorry to burst the bubble there, but from what I've come across his pups do have GREAT personalities. If you socialize this pup well, he will be a great basenji with a pretty even temperament.

  • Although I would like to breed in the future, having a healthy and happy dog is my number 1 priority.

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

  • Oh, affected is BAD!

  • Welcome 🙂 I am glad you are enjoying your new puppy, the pictures are adorable!
    That's great that you are working towards your teaching degree. I am a middle school Language Arts (English) teacher too, middle school is such a fun age, I absolutely love it! I always thought I'd want elementary, but a job opened up in middle school when I got out of college, and 5 years later I wouldn't trade it for anything else! Do you plan on staying in Puerto Rico to teach?
    And yes, you are definitely making everyone here (well, the ones that live in cold climates anyways) jealous with your talk of all the beautiful weather you have. Today it was 35 here and it felt like a heat wave, compared to the below zero we've had since god-knows-when. Although we do have the pretty snow, you are definitely missing out on that 🙂

  • He is just toooooooo cute

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